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Knowing if the backup worked - no email alert

  • Cloud backup cannot send an email on a successful backup - only on failures.

    This is horrible - without positive feedback on a successful backup occurring, we have no way of knowing if a backup worked or not. Do we assume "no email = working"? how about "no email ALSO might = the system was totally dead, stolen, exploded, offline, services stopped, or had some other error that prevents any backup from even starting".

    Can we PLEASE add the feature to send an email on success?

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  • Agree, the alerting is terrible.

  • I am seeing the same thing.  Right now checking backups is largely a manual process for us.  

    Ideally -

    Let me create a report (or better yet - have Kaseya build a default report) in the VSA that sends me three reports (or one report with all three parts) daily -

    1. A list of all KCB installed machines that have backed up in the last 24 hours. "Successful backups"  

    2. A list of all KCB installed machines that have not backed up in the last 24 hours.  "Unknown backups"  

    3. A list of all KCB installed machines that have a failed status in the last 24 hours.   "Failed backups"

    This would cover the main areas we are having problems with.  This would also help to identify where in the chain of information flow that communication may have broken down.  Was the problem with the backup servers, clients, VSA to Acronis commiunication, etc.  

  • Did we get any further on this? Kaseya have told me that we can now see when one fails or succeeds but if it hangs we never get an alert...

  • No email on success still. There is now a page 'Acronis Backup history' one can check manually to see how backups are doing....

    Brilliantly (not), the success/fail column is so far to the right on the table, that you have to scroll horizontally to see it. Fortunately, this screen does support column re-ordering, so you can move the vital data into view by dragging the column headings.