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can you manually run the installer?

  • more specifically, where does the installer itself get dropped? can we run that manually and force a sync back to the VSA? is this allowed/supported or do we run into licensing issues.

  • Hi nadoddona

    You should not run manually, this would break the link from VSA and it would be removed from Acronis registration in our daily job process.  This is assuming they are using the Acronis user we set up for them.  

    If they have their own Acronis account, they could install, but the machine would not managed by the VSA.

  • I found the installer gets dropped to the fileflare location in the endpoint folder.  Example -


    I have a machine that is erroring on install, so I attempted to extract and manually install.  I am still looking into the scripts the install process uses as the installer looks like it needs to run command line.  

    I was hoping that it could be run manually on the local machine and then connected up with our Acronis account with this - kb.acronis.com/.../55244

  • I was told that you can run the installer manually but it would not work correctly