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Recovering Off-Site Backup

  • I hope I can explain this thoroughly.

    Right now my company uses the Kaseya Cloud Backup to provide full and incremental backups of client information. We were doing a quarterly test to verify the backups were working as intended, and I didn't have any issue testing backups from the Cloud Backup section (accessing and restoring specific files from the incremental backups) but I do have a problem with trying to open our "Off-Site" copies.

    Here is the configuration

    Weekly full backups + Nightly incremental for 4 servers:





    The Kaseya Cloud backup stores all of the backups locally to NAS01, which is what the Backup Management Console pulls the backups from. These backups work fine, as I'm able to sift through the file structure to locate specific files. Then we have S3CMD automatically backing up all of the .tib files to AWS S3 storage. Now, what I'm trying to accomplish is pulling an incremental backup from a specific day to my local machine, and open the .tib file to browse the contents and pull out/recover specific files.

    However when I open the .tib file on my computer, it fails to open citing the following error: "Cannot find version 1.". Am I missing something? How would we go about using the copies of our backups to recover files? The goal of the local backup (the NAS) is so if something happens to a server we can quickly restore from the local NAS, while the AWS S3 storage of the backups is meant to keep files safe in the case of a total loss scenario (e.g. NAS01 gets fried, there is a fire in the data center, etc..), however, with this error, it's making our off-site backups pointless, since I cannot open them.

    I'm trying to open the devices by 'mounting' them with Acronis True Image (Right-Click > Acronis True Image > Mount). When I try to validate the backup, I get the same error, "Cannot find version 1.".

    Is it not possible to open .tib files from somewhere other than where they're initially saved? Is this an issue specifically with the incremental backups? Would I need to recover a full backup to my local machine in order to recover a specific file? Any information on this would be great.

  • Hello Sir,

    Thank you for taking time and posting your question in Kaseya Comunnity. This is a very good question. Let me try my best to answer it.

    Firstly, the files with extension with .TIB format (True Image Backup) can be opened or explored when we have Acronis Agent Installed on the machine from where you are trying to access these files irrespective of full or incrementals.

    Hence, try to open these .TIB files from a machine which has suitable read permissions to the image location and also has Acronis installed on it.

    So if I understand it right, the objective or goal you would like to achieve is to backup to local NAS and replicate it to offsite locations which could be another NAS or AWS S3 Cloud.

    If you have not configured Acronis Gateway then by default your Offsite Replication Cloud location will be Kaseya Public Cloud. This is not an suitable option for your requirement.

    You may please refer the below Documents on how to configure Acronis Gateway which is nothing but your own Private Cloud storage where you can replicate offsite backups directly there.


    User Guide: dl2.acronis.com/.../AcronisStorage_2_users_guide_en-US.pdf

    Admin Guide: dl2.acronis.com/.../AcronisStorage_2_administrators_guide_en-US.pdf

    Quick start: dl2.acronis.com/.../AcronisStorage_2_quick_start_guide_en-US.pdf

    Install guide: dl2.acronis.com/.../AcronisStorage_2_installation_guide_en-US.pdf

    Installation with PXE: dl2.acronis.com/.../AcronisStorage_2_installation_using_pxe_guide_en-US.pdf


    Once you configure your own cloud then you may create multiple backup plans for the required machines by setting local NAS as local storage and offsite replications to your own Cloud which is configured by Acronis Storage Gateway.

    If you have more questions on this you may even create a ticket with Kaseya Support from the below link and we will be happy to assist you further.


    Thank you for writing to us.