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How do you create bootable media?

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I've looked through the VSA's cloud backup help, the Acronis Backup Management console help, Kaseya's helpdesk, and this Cloud Backup forum.  The Acronis Backup Management console help tells me that there is a way to do this, however its instructions do not apply to what I see in the console.  For example, there is no "More ways to recover..." option.

I am wanting to deploy an image I created using the Acronis agent onto other PCs using Cloud Backup.

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  • I figured it out.  I just wasn't looking in the right place.  Select a device.  Then click Recovery on the right hand side.  The "More ways to recover..." option is on the right hand side of the second row of the menu, right below the name of the device.  Selecting that option will allow me recover a backup of my device to another machine, browse the cloud storage, view the contents of the backups, and download files that you need, AND recover the entire machine, its disks or files by using bootable media.