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Backup job credentials

  • We are running into issues with backup job credentials.

    We can't see any way to set or edit job credentials. I have to enter credentials when first creating a backup job e.g. in order to connect to a resource to select it for backup, but subsequent to that there seems no way to manage the credentials e.g. if a password is reset, for example.

    We currently have backup jobs that fail due to incorrect credentials, despite deleting and re-creating the backup job.

    Support told us that encryption needs to be enabled for jobs to save credentials - that hasn't worked either.

    The inability to manage backup job credentials seems like a massive oversight - do we really have to delete jobs and re-create from scratch (and lose the backup history) whenever a password changes? 

  • Can you create a dummy backup folder, change it to that, and then switch it to the normal backup location? It should try to authenticate with the backup location and when it fails, it should prompt for the credentials.

  • Hi Craig,

    I assume you are talking about application-aware backups, in that case you can solve that providing Acronis Agent User necessary privileges in the correspondent server a seen on this link: www.acronis.com/.../index.html

    that would solve your issue with changing passwords in your servers.

    Thank you

    Osiris Guerrero