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Cloud Backup Agent failing, does not install?

  • when we try to install the Kaseya Cloud backup, we get the following error message:

    Could not add job to scheduler: Agent has not been provisioned yet. Could not get EndpointId with given agentGuid (0)

  • I've been getting all sorts of weird errors lately. None of which make sense and seem to come and go at random. I don't think Kaseya copes well with the Acronis cloud being slow or unreachable (or any other form of transient error), for starters.

    Anyhow, start with a reapply schema in your VSA....this should eliminate any 'in house' issues.

    I've also found you will need to uninstall any other backup software e.g. solarwinds/gfi/aiso/old acronis/shadowprotect/symantec/veritas etc. or the new acronis code won't install.