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Cloud Backup Licencing

  • So we purchased various "Server" and "workstation" licences.

    It now turns out that if a server is virtualized (i.e. a VMware or hyper-V VM) the server licence won't work. Apparently you need a "virtual" licence to back up any server that happens to also be a VM.

    Ugh. guess who now owns a bunch of licenses that can't be used?

    I either missed this or it wasn't mentioned in any of the webinars or betas or training.

    What happens if I happen to P2V a server or do a DR restore of a VM to bare metal at some future point?

    Any comments from Kaseya re the licencing model - how's it supposed to work, why are virtuals treated differently?  This is such a headache for simply using modern technology.

  • That is true, Server on a VM will need a VM license.  You should work with your salesperson to get that straighten out.

  • yeah this is a total mess. i can't do a folder backup on a windows 10 machine because its running as a VM? can we make the acronis agent look at operating system instead of manufacturer.