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After updating to patch 16 still can't activate SQL, Exchange or AD support

  • After updating to patch 16 we still can't activate SQL, Exchange or AD support.

    Getting the message "Agent for SQL is not installed" as before.

    What do we need to do to get this working?

  • Did you install the add-ons for SQL and exchange from the  VSA's install menu?

    If you can't see the add-ons in the install menu, you'll need to reapply the schema.

  • Thanks Craig.

    Where is that documented?

  • I don't know if it is documented. I'm figuring it out myself from the patch release notes and using the product.

  • Well, we've given up on backing up Exchange or SQL. Acronis requires an "Entire Machine" backup, in order to back up Exchange or SQL.

    Sorry, Kaseya, you're not billing me for several Terabytes of storage in order for me to back up one measly 100Mb SQL database.

    Until Acronis can support backing up Exchange or SQL without having to back up the entire machine, this product is simply a non-starter for us.

    So far, cloud backup is simply another less than well thought out offering; We got a few weeks to beta test it however the issues really don't come to light until you can put it into a production environment - and so far, it's been a poor experience for us. I hope the developers are listening -- I have tons of feedback to offer, but so far from Kaseya: pretty much silence (witness all my posts with no responses).

  • Hi Craig,

    We are able to backup just SQL / Exchange without backing up the entire machine.  You just need to make a backup plan by selecting the machine in Acronis UI, then selecting the SQL / Exchange on the left nav.  Then you should be able to just back up the SQL / Exchange that you need.

    Also Osiris mentioned this in the following post. community.kaseya.com/.../23072.aspx

    Please let me know if you see anything different.  I would be happy to schedule a meeting with you if needed.



  • Doesn't work for me. Tell me what i'm doing wrong - i've followed your instructions:

    installed patch .16 and .17. Pushed the SQL agent from the kaseya install menu. opened the agent in the acronis cloud and selected the SQL or Exchange option, there is no backup Selection available. Only recovery.