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backing up *just* Exchange or *Just* SQL or AD is impossible

  • In order to backup Exchange, SQL or Active Directory seems impossible/ you are required to select "Entire Machine" as the backup type, before you can select application backup.

    It seems utterly stupid to me, to be forced to back up an entire server (Which may be many Terabytes in size) just to capture a single SQL database which may be only a few megabytes in size. I don't want to pay Kaseya $thousands to store complete server images (Our 20TB San comes to mind) just to back up the office girl's 25Mb SQL contact database that resides on this server.

    This seems to be an Acronis GUI issue, as this is configured in the Acronis website, not in the VSA.

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  • Good news! the option to install Acronis agent with sql support is available on the new patch for 9.3 and coming on the next patch for, once is properly installed, on Acronis Backup Console website a "Microsoft SQL" menu will show on the left side (see attached image) and you can click on the menu and select a specific database, create a plan and run it just for that specific database.

    For more information go to: http://www.acronis.com/en-us/support/documentation/Acronis_Backup_Cloud/index.html#36538.html


  • When is due to be released? I'm on the beta program - can i get this update earlier?

  • OK, so I'm on patch 17 now. It Still doesn't work for us.

    What do we try next?

  • Hi Craig, it looks like search box is filtering your results, once you click on the left menu "Microsoft SQL" try clicking on the "X" on the search box, then you should be able to click on the machine name to get to the "MSSQLSERVER" or click again over the name and get to specific database level. If you previously set up the entire machine backup plan parameters for SQL Server (username/password, enable sql browsing service, etc) you should be ready to start backing up otherwise you have to configure a entire machine with SQL Server.  

    For Exchange Server,  please try similar approach and let us know if you need more help.


    Osiris Guerrero

  • OK so the Acronis UI is incredibly stupid.

    First, the search box is populated by default every time you open the cloud console. You have to clear this first.

    THEN, after selecting SQL, you DO NOT check the check-box and configure the backup job at the right, like you do with 'normal' backups. Instead, you have to click the agent's "name" in the name column (to the right of the computer icon, third column) which now appears as a hyperlink. This is only available as a clickable link if the search box is cleared. You can then view the SQL instances.

    This is not obvious, to say the very least!!

    Minus about 10 billion for lousy and inconsistent UI design....why can't Acronis make the product work consistently?