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  • When we try to backup SQL or Exchange we get the following error. Has anyone figured out how to get this working?

    Message: Agent for Exchange is not installed.

    DATE AND TIMEMar 23, 2017, 12:38:00 PM 

    Additional info:------------------------ 
    Error code: 59 
    Module: 548 
    LineInfo: 0x796C86B57B501089 
    Fields: {"$module":"disk_bundle_vsa64_3539"} 

    Message: Agent for Exchange is not installed.

  • Go to acronis portal, change the url to http://(base url)/bc. Look around, the installers are there. K are aware and are addressing this in a coming patch.

    The next issue is that you can't backup sql or exchange without doing a full server backup. Backup a 20Tb server just to get a 50mb sql instance? No thanks.

  • Thanks Craig but I don't see them anywhere.

  • More precisely, go to  au1-cloud.acronis.com/bc (or whatever your URL is), goto all devices, then click ADD (top right) - there you'll find the exchange, SQL and Active Directory agent installers.

  • Not seeing it

  • Semi-Official word from Kaseya support:

    - These installs wont work with the Kaseya setup anyway

    - The 9.3 patch released today should ensure the modules are installed when needed

    - The 9.4 fix MAY be released in Patch 16. No guarantees.


  • Hi KaseyaHelp,

    Adding these components to Acronis has been added to and is in the process to go out in



  • OK so patch 16 is out and I can see the Exchange menu item on the Acronis GUI now. I still can't see how to back up Just Exchange on it's own, without backing up the whole server.

  • Hi Craig, I would recommend to check the help page from Acronis Backup Console : dl.managed-protection.com/.../index.html that explains how to backup Microsoft Exchange, if you have further problems, please don't hesitate to contact Kaseya Support or Acronis Support (for Acronis related issues).

    Thank you


  • I have read the help  - it clearly states at dl.managed-protection.com/.../index.html

    "Additional requirements for application-aware backups

    When creating a backup plan, ensure that Entire machine is selected for backup."

    So, by your own instruction, you can see that it appears impossible to back up just SQL or Exchange or AD on their own.

    This appears to be a limitation of Acronis - not a Kaseya fault as such..