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AuthAnvil - UniTrends

  • I recently ran into some issues with the MFA turned on with my account.  I found out a couple of things as a result of this little incident.

    1. UniTrends is not taking advantage of the security enhancement we invested in with AuthAnvil (MSP Protect).
    2. Support has NO way to disable MFA to assist an owner if they are unable to get into their account for any reason.

    I would like to think that if we invest in something like AuthAnvil, that Kaseya would provide a way to lock down any future investment we make with any of their other suite of tools (i.e. Spanning, etc).  We would also like to take advantage of SSO, but can't with this arrangement.

    Can anyone explain why?

  • This is going to sound snarky or negative from Kaseya's perspective, but I don't mean it that way. I understand the move and would do the same thing as a business owner, as frustrating as it is from a customer's perspective.

    It is because recently bought Unitrends and are anxious to get some ROI, so it is being released prior to being fully integrated with Kaseya's other products. To continue down that rabbit hole, why is there a separate Unitrends interface at all and not just in the VSA's coveted "single pane of glass". Similar to KCB (Acronis Cloud).

    I have to believe it is on the "roadmap", but good luck figuring out when these features are scheduled to be released.