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Known Issue: Google Pixel Update to Android 10 and AuthAnvil Authenticator App

  • FYI, we have a known issue with the Android 10 update currently available for the Google Pixel phones  and the AuthAnvil Authenticator app. We are working on a fix for it, but do have a workaround in the short term. If you have users who have the Pixel and updated to Android 10, let us know and we can provide that to you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Whats the workaround?

  • The AuthAnvil Authenticator crashed on my Pixel 3a after the Android 10 upgrade.  Removed the Authenticator and reinstalled it with a new token and it works fine.

  • had no issue while i was on beta

  • If the uninstall / reinstall works, that's great to hear.

  • that good and bad. you have to readd all your accounts to it.

  • Hello. i have a pixel and Android 10. what is the work-around?

  • Uninstall and reinstall is the work-around. We do have an update coming out soon; it's in final stages of testing right now. The update would have to be installed prior to updating the phone to prevent needing to uninstall and reinstall of the app, however. Unfortunately, the nature of the issues makes it so we can't get the tokens after upgrade which is why it has to be reinstalled and configured.

  • Quick update on the Android  mobile app.... We are uploading the release to Google in the morning. At that point, it will go through the Google approval process before showing up in your available updates.

    It's passed all the tests we can throw at it. For now, this is just fixing the issue with upgrading the phone. If you are planning to update your phone, install and open the updated Authenticator app first.

  • FYI, the Android update is available on the Google Play Store. Please advise users to update the app and open it prior to updating their AndroidOS version.