Hey Team,

Here are the latest notes from AuthAnvil release:


This release of AuthAnvil includes enhancements and bug fixes. See the topics below for details.



  • The notifications were enhanced to be sent to any AuthAnvil user, not only to System Administrators. (IAMV-10547)

Password Manager

  • Enhanced Add New Vault page. Password policies are now set up to the Default Policy. (IAMV-10999)


  • Updated the system to display Password Server information only to sub-organization that have the feature enabled (IAMV-10513)
  • Added an ability to add the third-party synchronization agents for Password Server. If you are interested in creating your sync agent, please let your account representative know. (IAMV-10401)
  • Added an ability to view the owner of the individual vault on Password Server > Vault Manager > Vault Information tab. (IAMV-10926)


  • The upgrade process for the Password Server Synchronization Agent has been improved to correctly clean up the old version. (IAMV-10885)
  • Enhanced SNMP v3 Password Expiration functionality. If there are two SNMP v3 passwords, you can see which password has been viewed to know which has to be rotated. (IAMV-10674)
  • Password synchronization for sub-organizations has been updated to notify the Vault Manager, if there are any synchronization issues. (IAMV-10520)

Bug Fixes

Directory Manager

  • Role names can no longer be edited. (IAMV-10881)

Directory Sync

  • Fixed an issue with synchronization of new users. (IAMV-10886)
  • Removed the checkbox from the User Interface, now synced groups users in Active Directory can be modified. (IAMV-10525)

Password Manager

  • Improved performance of the Password Vault page to support a significant number of vaults and passwords. (IAMV-10511)
  • Fixed an issue with the error message when users attempt to delete policies that are being used. (IAMV-10672)
  • Fixed an issue with inability to deselect the group on "Migrate from On Premise" page. (IAMV-10887)