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AuthAnvil (1.0.32) - 12 December 2018

  • Hey Guys,

    Here are the notes for the latest AuthAnvil Release.  Happy Holidays!


    This release of AuthAnvil On Demand contains the bug fixes described below.

    Auth Policies Fixes

    • Policy Element "Devices must be verified every x days" is not working as intended. (IAMV-8077)
    • Do not allow an authentication policy to be deleted if it is being used by an agent or organization. (IAMV-8412)

    Credential Provider Fixes

    • Windows logon agent unable to select policy (Unknown Policy). (IAMV-8281)
    • Windows logon agent removes Windows notifications for soon to expire passwords. (IAMV-8680)
    • WCP agent - Incorrect error message for config file deletion. (IAMV-8710)

    Directory Manager Fixes

    • AAoD not respecting successful login attempt after several failed 2FA VSA attempts causing AAoD account lockout. (IAMV-7931)
    • Organization Delete - Pre-existing archived orgs are not cleaned up in accordance with new org delete functionality. (IAMV-8466)
    • Directory Manager - Organizations - Org filtering showing blank, Roles in sub org showing blank. (IAMV-8767)

    DirSync Fixes

    • DirSync - Edit - Alter OU selection does not immediately update in UI, does save and reflect properly on refresh. (IAMV-4890)
    • DirSync agent seeing KaseyaUDSync user from child domains. (IAMV-7385)
    • Directory Sync - Agent provisioning policy not being respected. (IAMV-7638)
    • Directory Sync - User is not locked out of AAoD when lockout policy is set by AD. (IAMV-7721)
    • Directory Sync - AD password policy not adhered to in AAoD - Fixed cosmetic issue. (IAMV-7723)
    • Licensing and Provisioning Policy - Users created in 'Active' state via Policy - Not all users being added if lack of seats - Import & DirSync. (IAMV-7725)
    • Groups having trouble synchronizing. (IAMV-8037)
    • DirSync agent not synchronizing group. (IAMV-8182)
    • DirSync - Upgrade - New agent installs over top of existing application. (IAMV-8283)
    • Filter doesn't clear on Directory Sync screen. (IAMV-8291)
    • A PrincipalName change was detected from kMcPheters to kmcpheters but a user with that PrincipalName already exists. (IAMV-8378)
    • Make adding APNs to synchronized users the same as locally created users. (IAMV-8391)
    • DirSync agent - Not synchronizing all users. (IAMV-8432)
    • DirSync agent does not send all data elements. (IAMV-8684)
    • User was able to delete the APN from the dirSynced user. (IAMV-8693)
    • Changing user logon name no longer adds the APN and it deletes the valid APN. (IAMV-8694)
    • Allow users to add custom APNs to dirSynced users, but they can only add/delete the custom ones, not the ones from dirSync. (IAMV-8695)
    • Thread context exception during user or group delete. (IAMV-8706)
    • DirSync just syncs 24 Batches out of 107 for 10000 users to AAoD. (IAMV-8707)
    • Organization delete fails when there is an active workflow creation request. (IAMV-8708)
    • DirSync needs to check licenses before setting a created user to active. (IAMV-8834)
    • APN - Save triggers 'no alternate name' error message even when APN is set. (IAMV-8893)
    • APN - APN list in profile page has space before comma - UI small issue. (IAMV-8894)
    • APN - Cannot sign in once add APNs - appears to reset password. (IAMV-8895)
    • Cannot update a disconnected DirSync user through the Edit Details dialog. (IAMV-8914)
    • Added flag IsSynced to APN flow and fixed random behavior of local APN positioning. (IAMV-8889)
    • AD sync interval settings requires implementation. (IAMV-7487)
    • Make sure the DirSync agent product version shows correctly in AAoD. (IAMV-7517)
    • Encrypt configuration file information for DirSync. (IAMV-8689)

    KaseyaOne/MyKaseya Fix

    • Allow dynamic attribute binding from SAML token API. (IAMV-8821)

    Office365 Fix

    • Fix CanSync method in MicrosoftOnlineUserProcessor.cs to return after first validation check returns false. (IAMV-8716)

    Offline Mode Fix

    • Offline WCP - UI - 42 day limit not well communicated, save button active, no error message. (IAMV-8692)

    Radius Fix

    • Encrypt configuration file information for Radius. (IAMV-8690)

    User Provisioning Fix

    • Users coming in through legacy login now take up a license seat in AAoD. (IAMV-8060)

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