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Launchpad app not working on Chrome via on-demand AA

  • I'm in Chrome like usual, I have the extension loaded, I go to use the Launchpad to log into a third-party portal in the morning like I do every day, and...

    Sorry, your browser isn't currently supported

    Your browser does not support Web Password Auth at this time. You must use a supported browser . Contact your administrator for more information.

    ...come again? Was there an upgrade to AAOD that broke the Chrome extension, or did something in Chrome update to break AAOD?

  • Same issue here.

  • I put in a ticket with AA about this and it is the latest Chrome update.  "They are working on the issue"  I had to revert everyone back a version in the chrome update to get eveyrone to work again.

  • Hey Guys,

    This was addressed in our latest release this week.