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Question for "MSP Protect".

  • We currently use the "legacy" AuthAnvil on Prem solution.  Which as best I can tell already gives us everything that the MSP Protect solution would do, except that we can't take advantage of the "new" authentication methods for AuthAnvil.

    SO my question would be more directed at the AuthAnvil team within Kaseya.  Is there any benefit whatsoever in converting from the onprem solutions to the MSP Protect?  And is there even an "upgrade path" for that, or would we be looking at dumping our existing investment, and having to repurchase all over?

  • I use the on prem version of AuthAnvil as well, I would like to see an answer to the above question as well. I am not an MSP,

  • Same here!!

  • The offer for the upgrade path from OnPrem to their new version isn't very attractive . I was at the conference and essentially all the money invested to the onPrem isn't recognized and the paid licenses can't be ported over.  Atleast that was how it was presented to me.