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2FA with Kaseya VSA

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I just installed a trial of AuthAnvil - I have the 2FA working with other apps but cannot figure out how to setup the AuthAnvil Authenticaor on my phone for Kaseya.  When I enable the 2FA in the Kaseya VSA, it prompts me for the code at login, I just don't know where to get it.  Can someone tell me how to set this up on my phone?  


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  • If you're using the Legacy or older Authanvil you will need to download the softtoken here:


    You will need to go to your portal and register the token to make this work.

    If you're on the newer Authanvil, use the application here:


    Similarly, you will need to register tokens.

    I would recommend if you are running into walls to contact your Customer Service Rep to get some assistance too! I am sure they would be happy to help.

  • nobody help?

    I need it as well


  • You get the code from the app itself, when you open it, you should see the code.  It also depends on which version of AA you have.  The older SoftToken V2 with on prem requires a personal pin number to be entered before the code from the app.  If you are using AA on Demand, you only need the pin from the Application.

    You don't need to set anything up for Kaseya in your phone if you have AA 2F set up in your VSA.  If you have already set up AA on your phone, you will use the AuthAnvil token that is generated for AuthAnvil.  

  • Do you require further information on this?  Community is definitely giving you some authanvil concepts to work with and get you going.

  • I have Kaseya on my desktop windows, and unchecked "Disable Two Factor Auth during Kaseya server logson", when I want to log on again, at first page it asks me about user name and my password and I enter it and in second page it asks me about code, I don't know anything about this code. How can I know about this code? Thanks

  • Hi Naz,

    This would have been activated in your AuthAnvil module, this is one of our other products that allows users to have 2 forms of authentication. You will need to use the one time password generated for your user through your AuthAnvil token on an app. If you have no users who are able to login, please create a ticket with us at helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../en-gb and we can help troubleshoot to get you back into your server. Please provide us with as much information as possible and provide screenshots of what you see and every change you made.