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When is password injection coming?

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if i recall correctly, at Connect 2017 they said the next release or so should have password injection from AAoD to VSA. unless i missed an announcement i dont see that anywhere.

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  • I was also told that at Connect 2017 but everything has gone quiet since then.

  • I belive they said it was in the 9.6 roadmap if I remember correctly.

  • are you aware of a spot where AuthAnvil stashes their patch updates, roadmaps, etc.? googling is coming up short for me.

  • Thank you so much for your interest in password injection and upcoming AuthAnvil releases. The next AuthAnvil release is coming up at the end of March and will feature a major overhaul of our Directory Synchronization functionality as well as numerous small enhancements. I will be posting the release notes in the next few weeks.

    Password injection for VSA is on the roadmap for both products. We do not have an ETA for this feature at this time. I will continue to post updates as we get further along in the development of this feature.

    Thanks for being a Kaseya customer!

    Lakshmi Sadasiv

    Senior Product Manager, AuthAnvil


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  • Is this update still scheduled for late March?  We'd like to roll this out as our official 2FA solution to several hundred endpoints and having to use workarounds for things like clicking the Get Started button in the onboarding email from Outlook and having installing the old version of directory sync is making it difficult for us to like this product.

    See you at Connect.

    -Alan Alvarez

    Senior Engineer

    iTEAM Consulting

  • i'm going to say, no. the march patch was just released last week help.authanvil.com/.../360000866947-Release-Notes-IAM-Version-AAoD-1-0-26-1 and if you look through nothing is in there about it.

    maybe a year after announcement/demo at Connect 2017 was too soon to hope. /s

  • Thank you for your posts. The patch release was released with updates to AuthAnvil DirSync as well as several bug fixes and enhancements. The Password Injection is on the roadmap for later this year. We are working with Kaseya VSA to make ths available. We do not have an ETA for this feature.

    --Lakshmi Sadasiv

    Product Manager, AuthAnvil

  • Guess I jumped on that a little too quickly, my apologies. We're in the middle of trying to get this deployed to 5 clients and kept running into those issues, though from the notes it looks like the issues were addressed. Our team is also very excited to see Kaseya password injection.  I didn't see any announcements about this latest release anywhere on this forum or via email - is there somewhere else I should be checking regularly for AAoD updates?



  • Has the password injection been implemented yet?

  • The last rumor that I heard was that they were going to skip the integration aspect with AuthAnvil and simply use the 'credentials' style, not the actual credentials setting, of password grab to inject into the Live Connect session.  At this point I would settle for that for now and hope that they would continue to work on the integration.