I use BMS for creating general invoices, however also export the created invoices over to Xero Accounting to have them sent out. The issue that I've had for some time now that really annoys me is that my invoices show "Ready to Send" after they have been exported. When I spoke with someone at Kaseya a year or so ago, they told me that I could "solve" that by just emailing the invoices to myself. At that time, I found that to not be a real solution to the issue and still believe the same.

I would really love there to be some way to toggle that an invoice has already been sent, or even have another flag in the invoice section that shows "Exported" as the status.

Typically I try to batch everything all at once, but I do have several times a month where I have to look at an invoice, then wonder "okay, did I actually send this one out?", then go log into Xero and check the invoice status over there.

Would anyone else find this to be beneficial?