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Workflow in BMS Questions

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     I have a vendor service which sends in updates on Backup Recovery testing for client machines they all come from the same address. What I am trying to do is create workflow to move it to our Proactive service board and assign it to the client and possible the asset.

     The subject of the emails contain the Asset name (Hostname) and the client name.. Is there a way I can do this with wildcards in the subject triggers? I cant find how I would do that in the documentation I found and I really dont want to have to do it for each client and device as a sep workflow.

     I would be content with just having it assign it to the correct account based on the subject, if I could get the account and Asset.. I would be Super happy.. as we get a few hundred of these a week...

  • Anyone... Bueller, Bueller.....

  • We have our MSP customers send these emails to VSA, where our workflow engine can process them - dedup, classify, consolidate, and possibly respond with automation before creating an event in the PSA.