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9.5.3 Feature Release - January 2021

  • 9.5.3 Feature Release - January 2021

    Hi Community,

    Happy New Year!

    You can find our latest VSA release notes here!

    Tentative Release Dates for GA:

    - SaaS: 1/9/2021

    - ONP: 1/18/2021

    [edited by: Oscar Romero at 6:37 AM (GMT -8) on Jan 15, 2021]
  • Hey Oscar,

    thanks for the update of  the post but pls change the year ;)

  • Could someone please explain what is:

    - Kaseya One

    - IT complete

    Patch 9.5.3 requires both of these as prerequisites, correct?

    What are these new products and what do they cost?

  • Just upgraded ONP to Installed Patch Level: Went flawless so far!!

  • Did the update from 9.5.1 to this last weekend. Seems to be working well, update process went smoothly.

    For On-Prem, didn't see the options for Kaseya One shown in some of the upgrade docs.

  • And there is no word about broken KCB api ??

    and like above asked; what is Kaseya One and IT complete?