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When and what is being worked on for the next release?

  • What are the areas/items this is currently being worked on for the next release?

    When is the possible timeframe for the next release?

    When will KLC updates be included? What is the possible release that might include KLC updates like copy/paste and faster connection time?

    So we are at .29. Oscar has not addressed my questions. Am I missing something?

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  • Hopefully better reporting on installed Microsoft KB Patches. I have to search all of our machines for a specific MS KB patch. There is no audit information on installed KBs. I found a agent procedure that would check and write a log entry. I then had to check the log of every workstation to see if it was installed or not. Installed KBs should be included in audit module. :)


  •   THIS, times 1000!

  • copy and paste function is much improved in current version of KLC, compared to past versions.

    I do wish the Agent connect-to-server time was faster.  If I have a user drop VPN, it takes anywhere from 60-120 seconds for connection to be re-established.

  • Are you leveraging Patch Management or Software Management?

  • Patch Management has got very very bad since the upgrade to .29.

    Doesnt fully install OS patches across the board in our customers. Has been reported to Kaseya Support a number of times and they informed use that there is a bug with this.

  • Ouch - that's something we don't need. Thanks for sharing.

    Do you happen to know what the conditions are for this to occur or are all endpoints affected?

  • This is very very different for each machine, we have found that mainly to do with LAN Cache patching, but does happen to Internet facing machines.

    We are patching N-1 and Kaseya Support are saying that this could be the issue. They are saying that they dont know any other Customers who are patching the way that we are. We dont patch current month due to MS having issues with some patches and letting MS resolve these before approving.

  • Oscar we use software management, It is a better fit for us. But Anything install should be reported in the audit module. Patches and installed MS KB should be listed under the software tab as its own tab called patches or something like that and available in the info module allowing a report to be created. Without this information the audit module is not doing a complete system audit but a partial audit. I can get this functionality in PDQ Inventory for free. The information is in the registry The Audit module just needs to collect it. Looks like the information is stored under the registry key(s)


    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Component Based Servicing\Packages\ (this one has a current state DWord)


    This information in the Audit module seems like a no brainer to me. Hopefully this can get implemented.

  • That is a pretty good suggestion.  I can take into consideration.

    Send me an email oscar.romero@kaseya.com - I'd like to set a meeting with you to discuss.

  • Thanks Oscar, I look forward to talking to you.