Kaseya Community Patch Release - 26 September 2019

  • Hey Guys,

    Here are the details on our latest VSA release:


    Our SaaS (Cloud) Customers will receive this update: Saturday - 9/28/2019

    --------- Patch Release - 26 September 2019

    The VSA release includes enhancements and bug fixes. See the topics below for details.

    IMPORTANT! After installing this patch, the agents are REQUIRED to be updated to version We have made architectural changes to the underlying engine and without the agent update, Live Connect connections could fail.


    Distribution Window on Software Management > Profiles > Scan and Analysis and Deployment pages

    • To enable optimal performance, a Distribution Window has been added to the Schedule settings on the Scan and Analysis and Deployment pages. This Distribution Window allows the VSA to spread workloads across a window of time so that the tasks defined by a specific schedule are not performed by all devices simultaneously. This minimizes the impact on network and VSA server resources utilized by a particular task, such as server memory and CPU, network bandwidth.
      • When adding or editing a Scan and Analysis profile or a Deployment profile, the Distribution Window is set to 1 hour by default, but you can enter a custom number of hours or minutes to extend this window (up to 24 hours maximum).
      • After upgrading to release, you must edit any existing profiles to add the Distribution Window setting. (The default Distribution Window is not added to any existing profile automatically.)
      • Scan and Analysis example - The Distribution Window settings are used to queue and deploy operating system and 3rd party patches at various times throughout the defined interval. In this example, patch deployments will run at various times on Sundays from 6:00 PM until 7:30 PM:


    • Deployment example - The Distribution Window settings are used to deploy software patches at various times throughout the defined interval. In this example, patch deployments will run at various times on Fridays from 6:00 PM until 10:00 PM:


    • Added new functionality to the Software Management module that allows users to suppress patches such as security-only patches via Advanced Overrides profile specifications.

      Screenshot 20

      A scan must be completed with the override in order for the patches to be moved from the Vulnerability tab to the SuppressedPatch tab.

      Screenshot 30

    Bug Fixes

    Agent Procedures and Database & Schema

    • Fixed an issue that caused the Agent Procedures > Manage Procedures > Distribution page to time out in some large environments (e.g., servers with 10,000+ agents and 10,000+ agent procedures scheduled).

    Data Backup

    • Data Backup > Configure > Install/Remove - Fixed an issue where the list of agents was not displayed.

    Kaseya Cloud Backup

    • Fixed an issue that prevented backups from running for macOS Mojave agents. The issue was caused by macOS Mojave agents failing to install and register successfully with the Acronis Backup client.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the installation of new agents for macOS Mojave.

    Live Connect

    • Agent procedures (SaaS only) - Fixed an issue where certain default agent procedures (e.g. Reboot and LockWorkstation) failed to run when initiated from the Live Connect session. This occurred only on VSA SaaS instances.
    • Dashboard - Fixed an issue where an Invalid Version error would display upon clicking in the dashboard during an active Live Connect session.
    • Events - Fixed an issue that prevented certain events from displaying on the Events page.
    • Keyboard and mouse functionality -
      • Fixed an issue where the keyboard Shift key was not detected by the session until the user clicked in the Live Connect window for a second time.
      • Fixed an issue with the Caps Lock key not working properly.
      • Fixed an issue with Home and End keys not working in the Command Shell.
      • Fixed an issue with Up and Down Arrow keys not displaying the command history in PowerShell and in the Command Shell.
      • Updated the dropdown menu style to highlight the hovered option.
    • Roles and scopes - Fixed an issue where user-specific role and scope access rights were not being applied in Live Connect unless the user had logged in to the VSA user interface.
    • Session time - Fixed an issue where the Session Time counter remained at 00.00.00 throughout the Live Connect session.
    • SSH session - Agent/Assets Browser > Assets - Fixed an issue where Live Connect was unable to establish an SSH session from Windows to a Linux machine.
    • Unsupported agents - Fixed issues with inputs and usage of Live Connect when connecting to an unsupported agent version.
    • Upgrades - Fixed an issue where Live Connect could crash or fail to launch if the previous version had not been uninstalled manually or by using Revo Uninstaller.
    • Viewing agents and assets - Fixed an issue with the More Results links used to view the complete list of agents and assets belonging to a given organization or machine group. Upon selecting an organization or machine group, up to 5 of its agents and assets display. If there are additional agents or assets, you must click the More Results links to view them. With this fix, additional agents and assets now display correctly upon clicking these links.
    • Windows Registry Editor -
      • Fixed an issue that could prevent access to certain registry keys in these directories: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\NetDrivers and HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\NetworkSetup2.
      • Fixed a user interface issue that caused infinite scrolling in the Registry module for large sub-key lists.

    Live Connect & Remote Control

    • Improved performance of the Live Connect and Remote Control modules.

    Policy Management Module

    • Policy Management > Machines - Fixed an issue seen in some older VSA versions where a machine's policy did not display when hovering over the machine name.

    Remote Control

    • Performance - Fixed an issue that caused the Remote Control session to hang and become unresponsive. This could happen as soon as the remote connection was established or later in the session (e.g., after pasting text into the Remote Control window).
    • Keyboard and mouse functionality -
      • Mac OS X - Fixed an issue where Remote Control sessions to Mac machines could not be initiated because input from the local keyboard and mouse was not detected properly by the Mac agent.
      • Remote keyboard - Fixed an issue where keyboard stokes could not be detected in the following case: the layout of the remote keyboard was dissimilar to that of the local keyboard (e.g., the keyboards were designed for different languages) and the Remote Control user had clicked the Remote Keyboard button.
      • Modifier keys - Fixed an issue where modifier keys did not work while a remote control session was running in the background.
    • Remote Control > Notification Policy > Machine Policy - For machine policies configured with the If user logged in ask permission parameter, fixed an issue where the Session rejected by user notification failed to display in the Remote Control window after the remote user had rejected the session request.
    • Remote Control > Notification Policy > Machine Policy or User Role Policy configured with the Require admin note to start remote control parameter - Fixed an issue where an empty note was created in the following case: the admin attempted to initiate a remote control session but clicked Cancel when prompted to enter a note. With this fix, the session is cancelled without creating an empty note.


    • Fixed an issue with the Uptime History report where the % Uptime displayed as "-" in cases where the machine's uptime state had not changed during the reporting period (e.g., the machine was up 100% of the time or powered down 100% of the time).


    • Updated the Get Environment RESTful API endpoint to include in the response the current VSA agent version.
    • Added API Pool Split endpoints.

    Security Vulnerability

    • Fixed a security issue where a user could access machines outside of their scope through Live Connect if an admin user had logged in previously from the same machine.
    • Fixed an issue with VSA Active Directory username and password credentials displaying in plain text in the agentmon.log file on the probe agent.

    Software Management Module

    • Fixed the following issues that impacted performance on VSA servers:
      • Performance was affected when the system tried to access VSA patch files not available on the disk.
      • Performance was affected by patch deployments that were failing due to file name collisions encountered when downloading 32-bit and 64-bit versions that had identical file names.

    Software Management Module & Kaseya Cloud Backup

    • Fixed an issue where certain jobs that failed to start would be retried indefinitely, filling up the Software Management or Kaseya Cloud Backup job queues.

    VSA UI

    • Fixed these issues with TAP third-party integrations:
      • Fixed an issue where an error accessing a TAP module could prevent the VSA modules from displaying in the UI.
      • Fixed an issue where the user was not able to log out after accessing a TAP module.
      • Fixed an issue where no icons were displayed in the navigation menu for TAP modules.
    • Fixed an issue with the Command Shell option not being displayed in the Quick View user interface.
    • Fixed an issue where deleting custom agent fields could adversely affect views that use custom fields in other partitions. This previously required editing and saving the affected views to correct the issue.
    • Fixed an issue where the custom set logo was not displayed on the Logon Page tab and on the Login page after logging out.

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  • That's quite some list and I certainly see known ones. so this is nice.

    I can't remember any recent patch with such an extensive list of fixes.

    Good work and time to start testing.

  • Pretty exciting list - especially the live connect and software management enhancements.

  • Would be great if Software Management would support Server 2019 - we have a handful of Server 2019 that we are unable to patch....

  • We are working on finalizing support for Server 2019 on Software Management.  I would anticipate this in the next release(s).

  • - I accidentally deleted your thread response regarding .23 from our .22 thread.  I have pasted it below:


    Reply by Chris Clancy

    OH MY!!

    Things I've complained about for years - have all been fixed in!!!!  

    * You can scroll in the event log now

    * You can see see HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control now without "Access Denied" errors

    * You have history now in the command shell (arrow up)

    * You can even arrow backwards and make changes to the text (I about had a stroke when I realized that was fixed)

    Better late than never!!

  • FYI, The link in your RSS post ( Patch Release - 24 September 2019) to this page is incorrect.

    The link in RSS goes to: community.kaseya.com/.../Here

    Instead of: community.kaseya.com/.../24731.aspx

  • Speaking of server 2019... When will it be supported to install the VSA on 2019?

  • Yes!  It is slated to be supported in the next releases.  We will have a better timeline at the end of the month.

  • I posted a message to confirm that people in general are happy with about a week ago but it's not appeared.

    Hopefully this one will.

    Thanks in advance