Kaseya Community & Patch Releases - 02 March 2019

  • Hey Guys,

    Here are the latest notes from our VSA update.

    ----------------- & Patch Releases - 02 March 2019

    The VSA and releases include features and bug fixes. See the topics below for details.

    IMPORTANT! This release requires agent version Be sure to update your Windows, Mac, and Linux agents after installing this release.

    • Features
    • Bug Fixes


    Agent - Windows

    • Updated the agent cURL executable to the latest version, 7.64.0. This executable is used by the agent to download files. (VSA-3316)


    • Updated the End User License Agreement (EULA) for the VSA Installer. (VSA-4546)


    • Created a REST API endpoint to return all available custom fields for a tenant. (VSA-3735)

    Security Audit

    • Logon Policy notifications:

    • Added the option for administrators to control, at the tenant level, if and how they receive Admin Security Notifications. This includes whether the notifications are sent at all and the option to specify a single email or all emails associated with Master/System admins. (VSA-3597)
    • Added the option to receive a Security Notification when admins are either enabled or disabled. (VSA-3596)
    • To configure these notifications, navigate to Server Management > Logon Policy and select options in the Security Notification Configuration section:


    • Added KInstall fixit to detect and disable vulnerable ConnectWise-VSA integrations. (VSA-4742)

    Software Management Module

    • The module now checks for attempts to update Unapplied Patch approvals from other tenant admins and, if found,logs details to help determine how these attempts are happening. (VSA-4423)

    Traverse Integration Module

    • Added a new page in VSA that displays all of the events that occurred on the Traverse system for a selected organization. The new page adds the ability to acknowledge, annotate, and suppress individual events. The new page also displays individual event detail and history. (VSA-3551)

    • Added new functionality to the Traverse Data Collector page which displays information about the selected organization and probe. An additional tab was added to display the status of the DGEx deployment/removal agent procedures. Added a button to quickly navigate the Network Monitoring (KNM) page to allow for adding/editing of credentials. (VSA-3910)

    Bug Fixes

    Agent - OS X

    • Fixed an issue that prevented sending messages to Macs via VSA > Remote Control Module > Send Message and/or > Chat. (VSA-4039)

    Agent - Windows

    • Fixed an issue where certain Windows operating systems were not recognized in VSA On the Manage Agents page, a '<' prefix would display in the Operating System column. This issue prevented agent updates and other agent procedures from running. This fix requires an agent update. (VSA-4792)

    • VSA now verifies that the agentGUID passed to KServer does not exist before creating a new account. This fix requires an agent update. (VSA-312)

    • The agent installer now contains an informational message in the setup log if there is a failure due to another program currently running that has a volatile registry key. (VSA-864)

    Antivirus Module

    • Fixed an issue which caused KAV\KAM profiles with large numbers of exclusions to fail when assigned to an endpoint. Now, instead of sending the profile settings through endpoint SDK (which has a maximum character limit), the endpoint script gets the profile configurations directly by calling a new REST endpoint. (VSA-343)

    Classic Monitoring Module

    • Fixed an issue where Monitor dashboards were available even when not shared with the current user. (VSA-4906).

    Cloud Backup Module

    • Fixed an issue where long descriptions in Acronis logs would prevent latest backup results being shown in VSA.(VSA-928)

    • Fixed a password reset issue by updating the parameters passed to Acronis. (VSA-3889)

    Database & Schema

    • Script Log advanced cleanup – Fixed an issue where the nightly removal of sub-steps from the event log could terminate without completing. (VSA-2393)


    • Fixed an issue where endpoint packages were not being deleted successfully. (VSA-4041)


    • Fixed an issue where installs failed after upgrading to due to a missing table in the VSA database. (VSA-4447)

    Kaseya Server

    • Fixed a deadlock condition that could occur randomly in some configurations, causing the agents to appear offline and limiting the ability of the Kaseya service to do work. (VSA-4789)

    • Resolved a caching issue with running signed agent procedures. (VSA-4040)

    Live Connect & Remote Control

    • A warning now displays in the LiveConnect event viewer module when no text has been returned. (VSA-4417)

    • Fixed an issue where Remote Control users could not login to Macs after they had logged out or rebooted. The login screen would display, but users could not enter text. (VSA-3036)

    • Fixed an issue where Remote Control would occasionally disconnect the session to a Mac agent when the Mac was locked or the active user was switched. (VSA-4042)

    Patch Management Module

    • Fixed a performance problem in Patch Management that could result in the machine update page failing to render.(VSA-3080)

    Software Management Module

    • Fixed a spelling error in the blackout window. (VSA-4196)

    VSA Core

    • Modified dlMaint.aspx to be accessible only locally to the VSA. (VSA-560)

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  • I am still not seeing the patch available for download on my VSA.  Is this being rolled out incremently?

  • Patch is fully available for general release.  If you are having issues with it's detection I highly recommend to create a support ticket.

  • We preformed this update and had some issues connecting with both KRC and KLC to our Macs running 10.12.6 and newer.

    The workaround we implemented that seems to be working well is to Stop the service, delete a folder and all its contents, start the service backup.

    Please see our procedure below:

    executeShellCommand launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.kaseya.endpoint.plist as system Mac OS X

    executeShellCommand rm -r /Library/Application\ Support/com.kaseya/Endpoint as system Mac OS X

    executeShellCommand launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.kaseya.endpoint.plist as system Mac OS X

  • Thanks, for the info I used your procedure and and it work for us.

  • has anyone taken the dive to see what exactly changed in the EULA?

  •  One thing that I have noticed with the new update is that the "Skip if Offline" Execution Option does not seem to work anymore as I am seeing items scheduled (In this case Agent Update) with it checked but OFFLINE systems are still being scheduled....

  • - I don't think that behavior has changed, the 'offline' check is performed when the scheduled time arrives, not when you are doing the scheduling. If you want to skip scheduling on offline machines you can filter by status under the create/run procedure window (or use a view).

  • After patching to v9.5.0.19, we can no longer share agent view definitions.  Anyone else have this issue?