Kaseya Community Patch Release - 23 August 2018

  • Hi everyone,

    Our latest patch has been released, please see below for more information. 



    IT Glue & VSA Integration

    • When trying to integrate IT Glue with VSA from within the IT Glue integration page (not VSA), an error was being delivered 'unable to save your setting because an error has occured' when saving the integration settings. (NINEFIVEPT-700 / APPF-3674)
    • Fixed bug where newly created users can't see ITGlue button in Quickview. (NINEFIVEPT-699 / APPF-3685)
    • Help link now takes you directly to the IT Glue documentation. (NINEFIVEPT-703 / APPF-3767)
    • When clicking on the IT Glue icon, the redirect page displayed and error message - "Oops, something went wrong". (NINEFIVEPT-697 / APPF-3749)

    Live Connect

    • In KLC, command line was unable to handle non-English characters. (NINEFIVEPT-709 / EES-2311)
    • Live Connect failed to load if the language preference of the user account was set to anything other than English, and the user would receive an error message of 'Live Connect Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0 - waiting for language file to load'. (NINEFIVEPT-708 / VSA-251)

    Network Monitor

    • Resolved an issue with copying monitor sets. When copied monitor sets were deleted, the action would delete the monitor set from both the source and destination machines. (NINEFIVEPT-710 / EES-2071)

    Agent Procedure

    • When attempting to run an agent procedure using a powershell command with arguments, the wrong command was being sent to the endpoint. (NINEFIVEPT-711 / EES-2006)

    Task Runner

    • In the event KAV failed to respond with expected data on certain machines. the event task was crashing and not returning a readable error. (NINEFIVEPT-714 / VSA-311)


    • Resolved an issue where first-time VSA core installs were improperly creating passwords using secure hash algorithm 1 (SHA-1), and not SHA-256. This resulted in users receving a 'password is incorrect’ message when trying to login in. Work-around: if users happen to still receive the error message, a work-around is to update the admin password to ensure the password is created using the correct SHA. (NINEFIVEPT-702 / APPF-3110)


    • Resolved an issue where an unused REST call (/api/v1.0/deploymentmanager/endpoint/status), when configured to make the REST call and using flexible logging, could result in running out of disk space due to the excessive logging being done once per minute. (NINEFIVEPT-712 / EES-200)
  • Where is the fix for KRC where I can't have more than 1 technician connected to a machine at a time without the session hanging on 1 persons end?  Where is the fix for the shift key interference with KRC.  Where is the fix for Copy/Paste through KRC?

  • For what it's worth, I do not have any of those issues in my VSA environment. I did, but they were all patched in previous releases. Unfortunately I can't speak to why you might still be having those issues aside from being behind on patches (if you are).

  • FYI - We just updated/patched last night.  A few techs reporting issues with LiveConnect where it should be launching LiveConnect, but nothing happens.  This is after the install and the requested reboot.  A removal and reinstall of LiveConnect seems to have fixed it on the three that have reported the issue.