Kaseya Community Patch Release - 29 June 2018

  • Hey Guys,

    Here is our latest patch just released:


    New Feature

    IT Glue & VSA Integration

    • Quickly match VSA organizations and machine groups to IT Glue configurations.
    • With an existing VSA and BMS integration, syncing with IT Glue makes configuration matching even easier.
    • Access IT Glue when starting a session with any agent within Live Connect.
    • Launch IT Glue from the VSA, Quick View, or Live Connect.
    • Easily view the following:
      • Attachments
      • Passwords
      • Related items
      • Recent versions
      • Notes
    • Edit IT Glue notes from within Live Connect.
      • Note: At this time, editing IT Glue notes is allowed when IT Glue is not integrated with a PSA. If a PSA is integrated, notes can still be entered in the PSA and it will be viewable in Live Connect.


    Policy Management

    • Corrected an issue where moving certain parent folders and items to child folders would cause it to disappear. Any missing objects will be restored in the Recovered Objects folder when applying this patch. (NINEFIVEPT-640/EXT-3729) (NINEFIVEPT-665/APPF-3563)
    • Enhanced database performance surrounding policy management. (NINEFIVEPT-668/APPF-3384)

    Network Monitoring

    • Fixed a crash in a multi-tenant environment where a connected gateway would crash the system if its tenant had been deactivated or unloaded. (NINEFIVEPT-643/EES-2661)

    Security Fix

    • Removed the API Sample Client page to enhance security by limiting API calls to existing SOAP and REST methods. (NINEFIVEPT-634/SDP-4567)

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  • Is there any documention on how the ITGlue integration works?

  • The documentation is being finalized as I type this response. I will follow-up.

  • Filling in for , the release notes are updated to include links to the integration guide: help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp. It is also available directly from our help site: help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp. Please let us know if you have any issues accessing the materials.

    Have a great weekend.

  • I was very excited to see the IT Glue integration.  However, after patching up Kaseya to, and following the documentation, I've got sync from Kaseya to IT Glue with no issue, but Live Connect doesn't have the glue button, and logged in as a master admin in Kaseya, I have no IT Glue section under System ->Customize, referenced in step 10.  In IT Glue, I've verified the "Enable access from Kaseya" is checked, and forced a manual sync which was successful.  What am I missing?

  • I recommend creating a support ticket on this as perhaps something in the sync method did not finalize.

  • For my specific machine, I had to reinstall Live Connect to see it. Everyone was able to see it after install.

  • Prior to the LiveConnect ITG Integration I already had the VSA connected to ITG using the IT Glue Org's matched to the Machine Groups.  I completed the remaining the steps of checking off External Access: Enable Access from Kaseya in ITG and Verifying from the VSA that the integration is enabled with the URL of the ITG Server.

    When Launching Live Connect - I get the message "Waiting on Authentication from IT Glue. A new tab should have opened in your browser with further instructions. If not, Click here to authenticate."

    When following the Click Here to Authenticate we are receiving a sync issue - it is successfully connecting to the VSA however throwing an Error 200 in the logs of ITG.

    I opened a ticket with ITG and will proceed with opening a ticket with Kaseya - Just curious if anyone else is seeing any issues with their ITG integration?

  • Yeah, I am getting a very "version one point oh" feeling from the ITG piece so far. Everything's great on the ITG end, here: All orgs are mapped, things are happy. LiveConnect, on the other hand, is very unhappy and when I try to click the big green "authorize" button I get an error page.

    One step at a time, I suppose.

  • Thanks for bringing that new Live Connect version part. I'll ensure we mention it in our documentation.

    Could you post your ticket #? Thanks.

    Can you create a ticket with Support and post the ticket # here so we can quickly investigate? Be sure to mention what error you receive. Thanks.

  • Corey, we had the same thing in live connect, once the new version was installed, we saw the button.  But we get the same error as everyone else trying to authorize IT Glue from the live connect button.  I have ticket 301908 open with Kaseya, but so far they haven't found an answer. I also have ticket 40654 open with IT Glue to look into it.  Is this actually working for anyone other than Kaseya?

  • I got the error page too, however it all started working after that :)

  • It is working for us.

  • The other issue was resolved by rebooting the VSA for a 3rd time. We have a new error occurring on our main VSA - Ticket info is below.

    Ticket ID: 302570

    Subject: ITG Integration - Error

  • It's not working for us.   Clicking on the Enable access from Kaseya and trying to save that generates an error.   I have IT glue ticket 40623 open and they are saying it's because our SSL Cert has a problem with the intermediate godaddy cert.  I've reinstalled that intermediate cert and that didn't work.  A call to GoDaddy had them tell me I should re-issue the cert (which means i'd have to reinstall on other servers as well).

    No solution that I can think of as of yet.