A bit delayed in posting however Patch was released:


Security Fixes

  • Retired a number of unused web application pages. (NINEFIVEPT-520/SDP-4323)
  • Updated an error message to remove detailed information with a more generic response. (NINEFIVEPT-435/SDP-4103)

Virtual System Administrator™

  • Corrected an issue which, under some circumstances, cause the Edge Services to crash during shutdown. (NINEFIVEPT-530/EES-2487)
  • Resolved issue where time indicators on KNM Bandwidth Utilization reports are not visible for user defined periods. (NINEFIVEPT-421/EES-1621)

Live Connect

  • Resolved an issue where clipboard synchronization would fail during a remote control session. (NINEFIVEPT-377/AF-2809)
  • Resolved an issue where Live Connect would fail if audit data has invalid date string for BIOS release date. (NINEFIVEPT-453/SDP-3990)
  • Live Connect notification message indicating an update to the software is required was edited to provide better information. (NINEFIVEPT-430/AF-3385)

Software Management

  • Scans now have built-in capability to retry if the queue becomes busy. This allows multiple scans to complete without errors. (NINEFIVEPT-452/SDP-4222)
  • Added support for data filtering for the following reports: Number Complaint, Number Vulnerability, and Percent of Machines Vulnerable. (NINEFIVEPT-419/SDP-4101)
  • Machine group filters are now properly respected when managing Scan and Analysis and Deployment profiles. (NINEFIVEPT-407/SDP-4086)
  • Resolved issue where patch approval filters in columns do not update the applied filters in the grid. (NINEFIVEPT-501/SDP-4083)
  • Software Management now has the ability to Deny and already Approved patch. (NINEFIVEPT-485/SDP-4000)
  • Deployment errors were not being removed after the second attempt worked. (NINEFIVEPT-480/SDP-4220)
  • Fixed an upgrade issue that appeared in certain environments during upgrade to 9.5. (NINEFIVEPT-438/SDP-4124)
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a large number of profiles. (NINEFIVEPT-392/SDP-4055)
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to add second 3rd-party individual software title in Software Management to a title that allows different versions such as Java. (NINEFIVEPT-479/SDP-4232)

Antivirus / Antimalware

  • Fixed a schema issue that could cause an error during an upgrade to version 9.5. (NINEFIVEPT-538/EXT-3660)
  • Resolved an issue enabling LanCache for KAV on Spanish OS. (NINEFIVEPT-503/EXT-3330)
  • Fixed an issue where Global Exclusions for Registry Keys fail with "Failed to Save Global Exclusion - You Must Enter a Valid Path”. (NINEFIVEPT-469/EXT-3138)
  • Fixed an issue where Anti-Malware would allow the end-user uninstall without password. (NINEFIVEPT-455/EXT-3271)
  • Fixed an issue where Anti Virus and Anti-Malware would not have the refresh button in the GUI. (NINEFIVEPT-454/EXT-3576)
  • Fixed an issue where KAV Profile assignment fails - Error converting value {null} to type 'System.DateTime'. (NINEFIVEPT-396/EXT-2148)

Network Monitoring

  • Resolved an issue that prevented adding assets in Network Monitoring (NINEFIVEPT-526/EES-2407)(NINEFIVEPT-465/DISMON-2205)
  • Variable not working as expected- %[asset.local_time] in Network Monitoring (NINEFIVEPT-509/EES-2035)
  • Mail Server QOS monitor reports round trip time incorrectly if time zone is not UTC. (NINEFIVEPT-411/EES-2074)

Policy Management

  • Fixed an issue with compliance checking so it doesn’t mark policy as out-of-compliance if it contains a scheduled agent procedure. (NINEFIVEPT-500/SDP-4100)
  • Fixed an issue with Policy Management where it marks "Suspend alarms" as out of compliance. (NINEFIVEPT-428/SDP-2072)
  • Fixed an issue with Policy Management 'View Compliance' on VSA SaaS (NINEFIVEPT-415/SDP-2081)


  • Resolved an issue where agent updates were running even if the agent had been previously updated. (NINEFIVEPT-489/SDP-4237)
  • Resolved an issue where if archiving is enabled, log tables were not purged from the database. (NINEFIVEPT-462/SDP-3949)


  • Resolved an issue where Backup Image Password changes were not getting applied. (NINEFIVEPT-482/EXT-3466)


  • Fixed issue with agent icons when agents are deployed through Discovery. (NINEFIVEPT-477/DISMON-1281)
  • Fixed an issue where Domain Watch was incorrectly associating workgroup machines with AD domain. (NINEFIVEPT-399/DISMON-2083)
  • Fixed an issue where Domain Watch was not applying polices at User Level. (NINEFIVEPT-398/DISMON-962)
  • Fixed an issue where, under some circumstances, alarms for Domain Watch were not functioning correctly. (NINEFIVEPT-331/DISMON-1463)

System Tab

  • Organization limits in License Management were not working with agent deployments. This has been resolved. (NINEFIVEPT-476/SDP-4210)


  • Fixed an issue where Alarm Date did not accurately represent VSA Time Zone offsets. (NINEFIVEPT-422/DISMON-1657)


  • Fixed an issue where deleting tickets from Ticketing generates ASP errors. (NINEFIVEPT-449/EXT-3134)
  • Fixed an issue where splitting tickets caused two entries in both tickets. (NINEFIVEPT-448/EXT-1938)

Service Desk

  • Fixed an issue where Ticket Notes UI would block attachment downloads. (NINEFIVEPT-458/EXT-3366)
  • Fixed an issue where the REST API returned a null Asset ID for Service Desk tickets. (NINEFIVEPT-258/EXT-3299)

Agent Procedure

  • Fixed an issue where users are able to create agent procedures in root of cabinets. (NINEFIVEPT-410/SDP-1524)

Patch Management

  • Fixed an issue where users would get a “Failed in step 7” due to ptchscn2.xml not being created properly. (NINEFIVEPT-207/SDP-3637)


  • Fixed an issue where 'GetPublishedViews' SOAP Call was returning values in VSA SaaS. (NINEFIVEPT-403/APPF-2986)
  • Fixed an issue where Put calls to system/orgs/{orgId} were not able to update organization custom fields. (NINEFIVEPT-307/APPF-3041)
  • Fixed an issue where Add REST API method to act on triggered alerts was not functioning properly. (NINEFIVEPT-263/APPF-2963)


  • Fixed an issue where Report Retention Schedule did not function properly. (NINEFIVEPT-390/APPF-2857)
  • Fixed an issue where Logged on Administrators shows all the logged in users irrespective of the scope of the logged in. (NINEFIVEPT-387/APPF-2836)