Kaseya Community Patch Release - 29 January 2018

  • Hi,

    We have released patch http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/#40162.htm


    Security fix

    Patches were also released for VSA R9.3 and R9.5

    Visual edits
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  • It appears after applying this patch, our VSA Remote Tab is missing. We are reinstalling database schema's to see if that fixes the issue.

    After rerunning Database Schema's Rebuild, the Remote Tab is back.

    Added update after running Rebuild
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  • For us the issue went flawless on the install but this patch reintroduced the service desk locking issue we had fixed months ago.

  • we had no issues, other than having to rerun the database schema, but then I'm pretty well used to doing that with every single patch update, whether it's required or not.

  • there is a special link you can visit to force your vsa to recheck it's license which usually fixes modules being missing from the navigation. It's not anywhere in the vsa, and I can't remember the link of the top of my head, but support has given it to me in the past.

    Our update didn't seem to give us any grief. We also reapply schema with every patch regardless if it's required.

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  • Not sure of the special link but the Remote Tab is part of VSA Core. If other items working fine, not sure the issue was a licensing one.  Rebuild fixed the issue. Normally we do not rebuild again unless we find an issue. The patch install, ran a rebuild automatically.

  • That would be what we call a getcheck.


  • Yup, that's the one!

    I used to have frequent issues with my vsa deciding that we were missing a bunch of modules (including built in ones like vnc remote control) and this would always fix it.

  • Perhaps someone could communicate to Kaseya Support that they BROKE the KaseyaSupport login and the "Request Support" page with patch .35? I have multiple tickets with different support staff and they keep asking for account, password, and Master access.....No, I can't provide Master access because I have no EXTRA licenses for a Kaseya Support Account in my Service Desk.

    "I am now successfully able to log into your VSA for further investigation. However, seems like Kaseya Support does not have Master access

    Could you please provide Master access to Kaseya Support so that I could proceed further with my investigation?

    Thank you for your understanding.



    Technical Support Engineer | Kaseya"

  • If you create an account with username starting "kaseyasupport" (eg. kaseyasupport.bob, kaseyasupport.jim) it won't impact on your licence count.

  • The .35 update did more hurt to our environment than helped it..Granted Kaseya stated they were addressing the security issue with the VSA but we lost some Servicedesk functionality, Policy Management Issues, etc. that has caused us a lot of grief within the last couple of weeks.. Needless to say, we are not happy about this patch update