Kaseya Community Patch Releases - 17 August 2017

  • Hi All,

    We released patch last night;


    Agent Update

    The patches below requires updating the agent version to for Windows, Mac and Linux agents.

    Virtual System Administrator™

    • This fix ensures that all non-HTTP errors are retried for file uploads as well as specified HTTP codes. (NINEFOURPT-499/EES-1634)
    • Fixed an application error that displayed when selecting the Live Connect > Command option while Software Management was scanning the machine. (NINEFOURPT-235/EES-1632)

    Critical Issues For Customers To Patch Immediately

    Virtual System Administrator™

    • Fixed an issue that prevented downloading a file from Quickview that contains a % in the filename. (NINEFOURPT-509/SDP-3154)
    • Fixed an issue with audits not detecting the Office 2013 product key. (NINEFOURPT-507/EES-65)
    • Ending a Live Connect session no longer displays a popup notification to the machine user, when popup notifications are enabled for ending Kaseya Remote Control sessions. (NINEFOURPT-486/AF-2825)
    • Fixed an issue with Live Connect running after the first attempt on non-English servers. The following message displayed: "Unable to locate an I18n file for culture code..." (NINEFOURPT-527/AF-2768)
    • Connecting to an offline machine no longer closes all Kaseya Remote Control sessions. (NINEFOURPT-511/AF-2886)
    • Fixed an issue with copying and pasting between the admin machine and multiple KRC session machines, after copying content from one of the KRC session machines. (NINEFOURPT-505/AF-2850)
    • Fixed a problem with dynamic views causing reports to fail. (NINEFOURPT-501/APPF-2663)


    • Fixed an issue that caused synthetic full backups to fail on Acronis 11.7 clients. (NINEFOURPT-440/EXT-2776)

    Cloud Backup

    • Fixed an invalid column in the Monthly Storage Usage report for Cloud Backup. (NINEFOURPT-528/EXT-3120)
    • Fixed an issue displaying the correct last harvest time on the dashboard. (NINEFOURPT-502/EXT-2973)
    • Added support for scoping and filtering on the Acronis Alert History page. (NINEFOURPT-510/EXT-3110)

    Network Monitor

    • Fixed an issue that caused Network Monitor networks or assets to be lost, compared to Discovered devices, because the Inventory.hwDevice.orgNetworkFK column was set to zero. Now running Discovery always resets this value to prevent this mapping error. (NINEFOURPT-504/APPF-2313)
    • Fixed a data issue with Network Monitor system logs in SaaS tenants. (NINEFOURPT-479/EES-1572)

    Policy Management

    • Fixed an issue that caused a compliance check to mark a policy as out-of-compliance if it contained a scheduled agent procedure. (NINEFOURPT-407/SDP-2963)

    Service Desk

    • Fixed an issue displaying the + symbol in Service Desk ticket descriptions and notes. (NINEFOURPT-526/EXT-1065)

    Software Deployment and Update

    • Fixed a query to return the proper Software Deployment application versions for approval. (NINEFOURPT-523/SDP-2756)
    • Fixed an issue that caused Acrobat (Update only) 17.9.20044 to revert back to 11.0.20 when added to a profile that has Auto Approve checked. (NINEFOURPT-525/SDP-2896)

    Software Management

    • Added '3rd-Party Patching' to the Add-On Modules section of View Definitions. Checking this option only shows machines with 3rd-Party Support enabled in Software Management. The 'Software Management' option previously listed in the Add-On Modules section of View Definitions was removed. (NINEFOURPT-541/SDP-3239)
    • Fixed an issue with the Patch History page showing results for machines not in the current scope. (NINEFOURPT-512/SDP-3200)
    • Fixed an issue that caused patches that did not require a reboot to remain in the 'installing' state, even after deployment was completed. (NINEFOURPT-542/SDP-3288)

    Non-Critical Issues For Customers To Patch When Convenient

    Virtual System Administrator™

    • Fixed an issue displaying the name of the KRC admin in the 'Active Admin' column of the Remote Control > Control Machine page, when running it from Live Connect. (NINEFOURPT-332/EES-1045)


    • The SSO Login to VSA now creates a new session if the last time the user logged in was more than 30 minutes old. (NINEFOURPT-508/IAMV-5777)

    Cloud Backup

    • When installing Cloud Backup on multiple servers with the same supported application backup option, a link displays. Clicking the link shows the set of machines that includes this application backup option. This patch hides the link when only one selected machine supports the application backup option. (NINEFOURPT-325/AF-2505)

    Network Monitor

    • Turned off unnecessary informational event log messages sent to the Event Viewer by Kaseya Network Monitor. (NINEFOURPT-263/DISMON-1320)

    Software Management

    • The Pending Actions dialog for a scan now displays two phases in the Message column.
      • Initializing
      • % completed

      A Date Created column was also added. (NINEFOURPT-515/SDP-2165)

    • The Software Management > Machines > Licensing dialog now honors the regional date format used by the system hosting the VSA. (NINEFOURPT-520/SDP-3191)
    • Scan logs on the agent are now consolidated into a smaller number of files in a single directory. (NINEFOURPT-514/SDP-2799)

  • Has anyone dipped their toes in the water and installed this patch yet?

  • Not I - Change Control put in for the 30th....waiting to hear from the group as well.

  • Ditto!

  • I've installed this into our demo VSA and I haven't had any problems so far. I'll do it to our production VSA on thursday.

  • I am putting it on our Test server this wednesday. If all goes well I will put in production next wednesday.

  • Copy paste has been a big issue for us, putting on prod tonight, I'll let you know how things go Wednesday

  • So far no issues to report here, 1 day in production.

  • Sounds good so far guys, please update the thread with your experiences with this patch.

  • 2 days in production, no new issues so far, 1 old issue solved, 7 issues not solved.

  • Thanks Steffen, what was the old issue that was solved for you?

  • The issue was "KLC Remote closes all sessions when trying to open a session to an endpoint where the service is not running"

  • Excellent, that will stop some screaming and shouting over here!

  • So far so good here. There is a post regarding RC in liveconeect and the screen shifting - but we use classic RC so haven't been bothered by this one.

  • Excellent, thanks for the update