Kaseya Community Patch Releases - 23 June 2017

  • Hi All,

    We have released patch;

    http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/index.asp#38452.htm Patch Releases - 23 June 2017

    Agent Update

    The patch below requires updating the agent version to for Windows, Mac and Linux agents.

    • Updated the Lumension library used by endpoints. (NINEFOURPT-459/EES-1582)

    Critical Issues For Customers To Patch Immediately

    Software Management Controlled Release

    • Optimized the query used to populate the grid on the Machines page. (NINEFOURPT-448/APPF-2609)
    • Deployments now attempt to re-install a patch, if it fails the first time. (NINEFOURPT-455/SDP-2974)
    • The Pending Actions column now shows an error when an application cannot be installed on an unsupported machine. (NINEFOURPT-456/SDP-2975)
    • Added a display name column used during import of vulnerabilities. (NINEFOURPT-460/SDP-3001)
    • Software titles shown throughout the module are now sourced from a new display name column. (NINEFOURPT-461/SDP-3002)
    • Lumension detection files were updated to version 1.4. (NINEFOURPT-457/SDP-3014)
    • Fixed an issue with advanced overrides not being honored when filtering by vendor. (NINEFOURPT-454/SDP-3020)
    • Removed a request for a non-existent file after encountering a patch error during deployment. (NINEFOURPT-451/SDP-3034)
    • The 'Critical, Superseded' patch impact classification for patches was removed throughout the module. (NINEFOURPT-462/SDP-3052)
  • Patch 22 is not offered for update

  • Same for me. Only patch 21 listed - and I have software management, hence should be enabled for this patch.

  • Meanwhile, I still don't have access to software management (still patiently awaiting... since we aren't planning to use the paid features yet) but .22 patch shows up as available for me.  But since it only affects the software management module according to these release notes, I don't know that it's worth applying for me.   If it would fix the authentication issues with Live connect that showed up with the .21 patch on the other hand  :(

  • Hi All,

    I believe the issue with the patch not showing for some users has been corrected at this point.

    The patch pertains almost entirely to Software Management, so if you do not have Software Management installed, it may not be worthwhile to schedule an outage window to deploy the patch on your system.

  • We are having major issues with the .22 patch - our kserver is partly down (K services won't start) and we have a priority 1 case open.

    Watch this space for updates - not certain if it's a problem with our environment or a bad patch - yet.

  • We are having issues with patch .22. Not sure if it's our environment or a buggy patch - but might be best to hold off for the moment.

    I will update the thread once we have an answer - I have a priority level 1 ticket open with support currently as we have Kserver services that won't start.

  • OK quick update- all is well it seems. There is a requirement to 'reapply schema' with this patch - which didn't run automatically as part of the patch.

    Lesson learned - if things go nuts, remember to try a reapply schema first up. I should know better.

    Final comment: this isn't the first patch that fails to launch a reapply schema automatically. Kaseya may want to review why this bug continues to exist in the install/upgrade/patch process.

  • Fwiw I patched from to on Wednesday right before this patch released and there was no automatic reapply schema. I always do it manually if I don't see it happen automatically so I was fine, but it would be great if it was automatic every time.

  • Watching.. Hope you get up and going as soon as possible.. I have been where you are at right not a couple of weeks ago.

  • I updated to this patch level last week.  Where is my Software Management Module?  It doesn't show up in the module pane.

  • the Software Management Module is a separate manual install you have to request from Kaseya for 9.4. It will be included by default with 9.5.