Kaseya Community Patch Releases - 14 June 2017

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    http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/index.asp#38445.htm Patch Releases - 14 June 2017

    Agent Update

    The agent version was updated to for Windows, Mac and Linux agents. (NINEFOURPT-442)

    Critical Issues For Customers To Patch Immediately

    Virtual System Administrator™

    • Fixed an issue that caused audit credentials set in the Audit > Manage Credentials page to take too long to propagate to machines. (NINEFOURPT-399/DISMON-1273)
    • Fixed an issue that caused multiple Live Connect sessions to max out the number of concurrent user sessions allowed for a VSA user role. (NINEFOURPT-382/AF-2637)
    • Live Connect sessions and Kaseya Remote Control sessions now always open in the foreground. Previously, sessions could open in the background. (NINEFOURPT-380/EES-1047)
    • Fixed an issue with notifying users when a session terminates using Kaseya Remote Control. (NINEFOURPT-386/EES-1298)
    • Added back support for Ctrl + Alt + Ins acting as a replacement for Ctrl + Alt + Del in Kaseya Remote Control sessions. (NINEFOURPT-372/EES-1003)
    • Live Connect no longer deletes the submitter information you just entered in a new Ticketing ticket when you change categories. (NINEFOURPT-289/EXT-1806)
    • Fixed an issue with Ticketing tickets created from inbound email with attachments showing HTML tags in the ticket. (NINEFOURPT-405/EXT-2797)
    • Enabled concurrent scheduling of Lua scripts. (NINEFOURPT-375/EES-108)
    • A security vulnerability was removed. (NINEFOURPT-397/SDP-2047)

    Antivirus (Classic) and Anti-Malware (Classic)

    • Fixed the sorting of install status columns in Antivirus (Classic) and Anti-Malware (Classic). (NINEFOURPT-165/PROTECT-967)

    Cloud Backup

    • Fixed an issue syncing the Last Backup Status and Last Backup Date columns on the Cloud Backup > Show > Machines page with data shown in the Acronis console. (NINEFOURPT-396/EXT-2728)

    Patch Management

    • Fixed an issue with Offline Patch Scan not finding installed updates on Windows 10 PCs. (NINEFOURPT-395/SDP-2645)

    Policy Management

    • Fixed an issue with policy schedules being lost after updating a policy. (NINEFOURPT-406/SDP-2495)
    • Fixed an issue with saving the patch reboot action in Policy Management. (NINEFOURPT-392/SDP-2749)

    Service Desk

    • Fixed an issue that caused Service Desk mail template variables to not be populated if the access role was set to View Only. (NINEFOURPT-427/EXT-1721)
    • Fixed an issue which caused a TicRequest error when assigning staff to an alert Service Desk ticket. (NINEFOURPT-400/EXT-2422)
    • Fixed an issue which could cause Service Desk ticket exports via the System > Import Center page to fail. (NINEFOURPT-393/EXT-2173)

  • Are these the droids I'm looking for?

    Does NINEFOURPT-392/SDP-2749 fix REQUEST #171316 ?


    It appears to be a separate issue, again.

    I know you have been waiting on this, I would get in touch with the support tech assigned to your ticket or your Customer Success representative to get some priority on this issue for you.

    If you are unsure of how to reach them, just let me know.

  • Ok, sounds good, thanks!