Kaseya Community Patch Releases - 18 April 2017

  • Hi All,

    We have just released patch

    http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/index.asp#38285.htm Patch Releases - 18 April 2017

    Agent Update

    The patches below require updating the agent version to for Windows, Mac and Linux agents. (NINEFOURPT-368)

    Virtual System Administrator™

    • Previously the endpoint might attempt to download files before it had completed authentication, which could result in the downloads failing. This has been fixed. (NINEFOURPT-363/EES-1235)
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the endpoint to terminate, when downloading a high volume of small files from a large number of peers. (NINEFOURPT-354/EES-1228)
    • Previously file uploads from an endpoint might cease if one upload completed just as another was requested. This could cause endpoint pending actions not to complete. This has been fixed. (NINEFOURPT-348/EES-1207)

    Critical Issues For Customers To Patch Immediately

    Virtual System Administrator™

    • Added a fix that ensures the Executive Summary report can be run whether the Software Management module is installed or not. (NINEFOURPT-370/SDP-2714)
    • Fixed an issue that, in rare circumstances, could cause unknown files to be uploaded from the endpoint and be given duplicate names. In some cases, VSA tasks might not complete because of this issue. (NINEFOURPT-350/EES-1212)
    • Fixed an issue in which a failed file upload could block subsequent uploads from being attempted. (NINEFOURPT-353/EES-204)
  • We broke our VSA with patch .18. Turned out we needed to update Java. Just a heads up to anyone else who might see issues - in our case two services wouldn't start on the VSA - KaseyaMobileGateway, and (I think) Kaseya Event Service.

    We were still on Java 1.7 u 58 (from memory) and going to Java 1.8 u 131 fixed both immediately.

  • @Craig Hart so you went with the latest version of Java and it worked? I remember a previous version of Kaseya would not run on JRE 8 AND required JRE 7 well after 8 had become the only available download from Java.com . This is great news if Kaseya is finally updating to JRE 8! (I hate keeping outdated Java on a public facing system)

  • Kaseya 9.3.31 still requires java 7 and does not work on java 8.

  • Thanks for finding that out for us.  It would be nice to hear some validation from Kaseya to reiterate/validate the change of supported Java version.   ?

  • Hello All,

    I can confirm that 9.4 only uses JAVA for EMM (Mobility) for the Kaseya Directory Integration Service.

    No other components should leverage java in 9.4.

    This was addressed previously, as  created a thread on this specific topic for 9.3:


    I have not heard or seen any new issues from my side of things with Java.

    However, I have seen java.exe processes not stopping/releasing connections which can cause similar issues to which Craig is describing, which are usually fixed by killing off any java.exe processes still running and then cycling services. If you run into a similar situation, I would review the Directory-webservice.log file in X:\Kaseya\Logs\Services directory prior to uninstalling or changing any configuration.

  • - Excellent follow up! Thanks for the clarification!