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http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/#38213.htm Patch Release - 23 March 2017

Agent Update

The patches below require updating the agent version to for Windows and Mac agents. 

Virtual System Administrator™

  • Fixed an issue where if an agent account was deleted without uninstalling the agent, Live Connect, Kaseya Remote Control, Antivirus, Anti-Malware would not work after a new account had been created for the agent. (PT-464/EES-246)
  • Fixed an issue which could cause an endpoint to terminate if a task was canceled while the task package was still being downloaded. (PT-478/EES-264)

Critical Issues For Customers To Patch Immediately

Virtual System Administrator™

  • The license information in the notification bar and on the System > License Manager License tab now shows the same data, limited by the admin's scope. Counts are provided for: 
    • online and offline machine agents 
    • KNM assets 
    • total licensed 
    • never checked in (PT-467/APPF-418)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the file attachments of inbound Ticketing emails to be empty if the file name contained an empty space. (PT-477/EES-164, EES-1181)
  • Updated the window title of User Portal to reflect the agent name. (PT-471/AF-2407)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Live Connect > Chat from working if a custom 'Contact Administrator' URL was specified using the Agent > Configure Agents > Agent Menu page. (PT-469/AF-2403)
  • Fixed an issue with the VSA SQL backup retention policy not being honored, causing servers to run out of storage. (PT-452/APPF-2166)
  • Fixed a timeout issue generating the executive summary report when the uptime log contained a large volume of agent data. (PT-482/APPF-2304)

Antivirus *

  • Fixed an issue with inaccurate database definition dates displaying on the Antivirus > Machines page. (PT-479/EXT-2378)
  • Fixed an issue with machines not installed with Antivirus attempting to configure themselves as Antivirus > LAN Updater clients. (PT-485/EXT-2676)

System Backup and Recovery

  • The following options were added to the System > User Roles > Access Rights tab for the System Backup and Recovery module: 
    • Summary 
    • Summary > Overview 
    • Summary > Dashboard 
    • Summary > Dashboard > Go To Profile 
    • Summary > Status (PT-459/EXT-2651)

Cloud Backup

  • Added application backup support for: 
    • SQL Server 
    • Exchange 
    • Active Directory (PT-484/EXT-2439)
  • A new Acronis Alert History page has been added. The retention period is specified using a new Settings > Global Settings > 'Acronis Alert History Retention Period' option. The default is 120 days. (PT-441/KCB-402)
  • Fixed a license count issue for VMs in Cloud Backup. (PT-475/EXT-2707)

Policy Management

  • The Patch Reboot Action schedule in Policy Management now respects the time zone offset. (PT-461/SDP-2070)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented policies from taking effect after assigning a machine to a different machine group. (PT-476/SDP-2069)

Service Desk

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Service Desk tables to lock for several minutes when clicking the Print Ticket option in Service Desk. (PT-480/EXT-2140)

release notes were adjusted as the fixes for Antivirus are for the new AV module
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