Hi All,

Patch was just released:

http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/#38192.htm Patch Release - 2 March 2017

Critical Issues For Customers To Patch Immediately

Virtual System Administrator™

  • Kaseya Remote Control supports session recordings. A recording can be optional or required by policy. (NINEFOURPT-285/EES-273)
    • When required by policy, the KRC recording button is enabled during the entire session and cannot be disabled.
    • When KRC recording is optional, the admin is able to record a session by starting and stopping the recording once during a session.

      Known Issue: Only the first start and stop of the recording button is included in the recording. Subsequent starts and stops of the recording button are being addressed in a later patch release.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented stopping the KRC 'Recording' button after it was started. (NINEFOURPT-304/EES-260)
  • When launching Kaseya Remote Control from the VSA and the connection policy requires user approval, the connection window now shows the message 'Awaiting User Approval'. (NINEFOURPT-286/EES-263)
  • The user is now prompted to enter an admin note, if required by policy, when launching Kaseya Remote Control directly by clicking the agent icon in the VSA. (NINEFOURPT-295/EES-856)
  • Fixed an issue with high latency spikes during Kaseya Remote Control sessions using a relayed connection. (NINEFOURPT-302/EES-1051)
  • Fixed an issue with KLC, KRC, KAV and KAM not working as expected, if an agent account was deleted without uninstalling the agent and the agent checked back in, creating a new account. (NINEFOURPT-292/EES-246)
  • The agent version was updated to for Windows, Mac and Linux agents. (NINEFOURPT-301)

Desktop Management

  • Applying a printer policy to a machine no longer hangs if the machine does not have the driver for a specified printer installed. (NINEFOURPT-258/SDP-2478)

System Backup and Recovery

  • The following options were added to the System > User Roles > Access Rights tab for the System Backup and Recovery module:
    • Summary
    • Summary > Overview
    • Summary > Dashboard
    • Summary > Dashboard > Go To Profile
    • Summary > Status (NINEFOURPT-284/ ATTWO-2651)

Non-Critical Issues For Customers To Patch When Convenient

Virtual System Administrator™

  • Fixed an issue that caused the file transfer progress bar window in Live Connect > File Manager to be incorrectly positioned after minimizing and restoring the progress bar window. (NINEFOURPT-287/AF-2491)

Tenant Management

  • The Agent module is now automatically activated when a new tenant is created using Tenant Management. (NINEFOURPT-291/APPF-2218)