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We have released patch

http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/index.asp#38028.htm Patch Release - 16 January 2017

Critical Issues For Customers To Patch Immediately

Virtual System Administrator™

  • Fixed an issue that caused TaskRunner to occasionally terminate during shutdown. (PT-390/END-2175)
  • Event log entries can be blacklisted to prevent them from being uploaded to the VSA. Fixed an issue that prevented Success Audit or Failure Audit event log entries for the Security event log type to not be blacklisted successfully. (PT-346/VAKF-731)
  • Some installed programs that do not have an uninstall option were not being displayed in Audit Add/Remove. BackupAssist is one such program. This has been fixed. (PT-386/VAKF-605)
  • Fixed an issue with audits of Japanese character strings using a Japanese VSA. (PT-368/VAKF-1336)
  • Fixed a confirmation box message for some environments on the Ticketing > Delete/Archive page that stated 0 tickets were about to be deleted, when multiple tickets were selected for deletion. (PT-201/ATTWO-1887)
  • Fixed an issue with HTML code showing in the Ticketing notes of tickets. (PT-139/VAKF-1065)


  • The Backup client installer was upgraded to Acronis version 11.7-50214. (PT-344/BACKUP-380)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Acronis from skipping or scheduling a backup If one was already running. This caused alert notifications to not be generated. (PT-304/BACKUP-375)


  • Fixed an issue creating BMS/Vorex tickets integrated with a VSA tenant partition. (PT-299/VAKF-1320)

Endpoint Security

  • Applies to SaaS only. Fixed an issue displaying the Endpoint Security > View Threats page and View Logs page correctly. (PT-364/ATTWO-2159)

Network Monitor

  • Fixed an issue that caused Network Monitor to show duplicate assets. (PT-305/KNM-1089)

Non-Critical Issues For Customers To Patch When Convenient


  • Created a new procedure to process event logs for AuthAnvil alerts. This fixes an error that could occur when trying to configure alerts in AuthAnvil. (PT-49/IAMV-1410)