Kaseya Community Patch Release - 25 August 2016

  • Hi All, was just released, lots of fixes in this one:


    Critical Issues To Patch Immediately

    Virtual System Administrator™

    • Fixed an issue with showing the correct login name for the VSA user that ran the agent procedure for suspending/un-suspending alarms. (PT-68/SDP-1258)
    • The 'Set System Default' button displayed in the Agent > Manage Agents > Working Directory dialog is now only visible to master users. (PT-123/SDP-1429)
    • Fixed an error that occurred when attempting to run an agent procedure using a managed variable with a value set to 'null', without the quotes. (PT-58/SDP-1111)
    • Fixed an issue that caused audit results to be misreported for BIOS audit tables. (PT-60/DISMON-1094)
    • Fixed an issue displaying the password of a credential in the Audit > Asset > Manage Credentials page. (PT-64/SDP-1159)
    • Fixed an issue with duplicate records being displayed in the Live Connect > 'Start a new session' window. (PT-109/API-376)
    • Fixed an error that displayed when selecting the Live Connect > Log Viewer > Agent Logs page. (PT-114/API-382)
    • Ctrl + clicking an agent icon now launches Live Connect or Live Connect (Classic), depending on the value set for the System > Default Settings > 'Use new Live Connect when clicking the Live Connect button in Quickview' option. (PT-61/AF-1733)
    • Clicking the agent icon in the endpoint machine, now displays either new or old User Portal, depending on the value set for the System > Default Settings > 'Use new Live Connect when clicking the Live Connect button in Quickview' option. (PT-63/ATTHREE-447)
    • Fixed an issue with the User Portal page shown by clicking the agent icon in the system tray being redirected to HTTP, even if the default web server address is HTTPS. (PT-70/ATTHREE-450)
    • User Portal now checks access to ticketing before loading the ticketing module. (PT-72/ATTHREE-443)
    • Fixed an issue with opening a file attachment in a ticket created using the Ticketing email reader if the filename contained spaces. (PT-65/PROTECT-860)
    • Fixed an endpoint provisioning error that occurred if the secondary kserver address did not resolve to a VSA server. (PT-94/END-1765)
    • Fixed an issue that allowed disabled VSA user accounts using a domain logon to still log into the VSA. (PT-126/APPF-860)
    • The following characters are now fully supported in Active Directory passwords used to log an AD user into the VSA: #, ##, <, <<, >, >> (PT-47/DISMON-996)
    • Fixed a issue that allowed special characters in Org IDs and Org Names to prevent editing or renaming the organizations. (PT-106/API-392)
    • Fixed an issue with the calculating the OS score with Windows 10 machines. (PT-107/APPF-1703)
    • Fixed an issue with generating the executive summary report when Antivirus (Classic) and Anti-Malware (Classic) is not installed in the VSA. (PT-46/PROTECT-825)
    • Fixed a spelling typo in the Anti-Malware section of the Executive Summary report. (PT-71/APPF-1644)

    Anti-Malware and Antivirus

    • This fix ensures Antivirus and Anti-Malware license counts are consistently calculated, regardless of whether the 9.3 VSA was newly installed or upgraded. (PT-55/ATTWO-1847)
    • Fixed the display of multiple pending action icons in Antivirus and Anti-Malware when multiple endpoints are having update issues. (PT-124/ATTWO-1738)

    Anti-Malware (Classic)

    • Fixed an issue with Anti-Malware (Classic) licenses not being returned to 'Full Available' after migrating machines to the new Anti-Malware module. (PT-122/PROTECT-883)
    • Fixed an issue with inaccurate Anti-Malware license counts in tenant partitions. (PT-51/PROTECT-33)


    • Fixed an issue with incorrect data displayed for Antivirus > Last Full, Critical, and Custom scan dates and times when the agent is in a different time zone than the server. (PT-39/ATTWO-1634)
    • The new Antivirus no longer reports that Antivirus (Classic) is still installed when it is removed manually by the user. (PT-41/PROTECT-857)
    • A new configuration safeguard has been added. When a Policy Management policy is assigned to a machine that specifies an Antivirus alert profile--but does not specify a server profile and/or workstation profile--no install occurs and a 'missing profile' error displays in Antivirus for that machine. (PT-52/ATTWO-1740)
    • Fixed a 9.3 Antivirus license failure caused by an SQL script not executing during the R9.3.0.12 patch. (PT-56/PROTECT-851)

    Antivirus (Classic)

    • Fixed an issue with detecting auto removal of Antivirus (Classic) client was successful, preventing installation of the new Antivirus client from continuing. (PT-132/PROTECT-884)

    Service Desk

    • The Service Desk > Request Mapping Procedure now passes the [$EmailPriority$] variable correctly. (PT-43/ATTWO-1204)

    Software Deployment and Update

    • A new 'Use Fast Transfer option' has been added to the System > Default Settings page. If set to Yes, Fast Transfer is applied to files transferred in the Software Deployment and Update module. This option applies only to on premise VSAs, not to SaaS. (PT-57/SDP-1252)
    • Fixed an issue with Software Deployment not detecting Adobe Reader DC as installed. (PT-117/SDP-207)

    Non-Critical Issues To Patch When Convenient

    Virtual System Administrator™

    • Fixed an issue with displaying hourly-scheduled agent procedures on the User Portal > Agent Procedures > Pending page. (PT-38/API-356)
    • Updated the message displayed on the VSA logon page when a VSA user's assigned hours policy prevents access. (PT-45/IAMV-248)


    • Fixed an issue with duplicate system profiles in the drop-down list when clicking the Assign Profile button. (PT-135/ATTWO-1885)

  • I've just applied and (at least) two of the issues called out as fixed are not resolved...

    1. Still seeing duplicate profiles in KAV

    2. Still not seeing credentials under audit > asset > manage credentials

    Last week it was a broken release, now the patch isn't filling me with confidence either. I appreciate the faster release cycle but *not* at the expense of quality. Guess it's time to log some support tickets then!

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  • just installed from, Live connect is broken.  Made sure agent was updated to  Get "Unable to authorize endpoint connection"  Reapplied schema twice, still broken.  Opening a ticket.

  • Yep, me too. No old, no new Live Connect working! Got a message to download a new version, but it's telling me the digital signature is broken.

  • We are having KRC sessions drop out, the same way patches vintage or there about used to (ie random session ended followed by agent offline) all the time.

    LiveConnect works normally here, no prompt for new version update, agents are updated, LC on the tech workstation still the version shilled 2 or 3 patch versions ago.

  • "Ctrl + clicking an agent icon now launches Live Connect or Live Connect (Classic), depending on the value set for the System > Default Settings > 'Use new Live Connect when clicking the Live Connect button in Quickview' option. (PT-61/AF-1733)"

    Previous to .17 one could select Live Connect to use the current version or ctrl+ click agent to get the classic version. 

    Does this mean there is no way to choose which Live Connect we may wish to use for a task?  The entire System must be defaulted to one or the other?

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  • Combo

    I've just applied and (at least) two of the issues called out as fixed are not resolved...

    1. Still seeing duplicate profiles in KAV

    2. Still not seeing credentials under audit > asset > manage credentials

    The KAV profile display issue is targeted to be re-addressed in

    However, I do not see an issue in Audit > Manage Credentials any longer after the patch -- what exactly are you seeing? 

  • I'm having the Unable to start session with the endpoint issue as well. I just performed our upgrade from 9.2 to 9.3 (as well as migrating to new servers in the process). I've opened a support ticket, hopefully everyone else having this same issue has also opened support tickets with Kaseya so that a fix gets prioritized.

  • Installed last week. Today we discovered we cannot assign any profile to any KAV Anti-Virus Endpoint. We also discovered that our Dashboard displays No Installations of any KAV endpoints.

  • You will need to run an "Install / Upgrade" on each system to get them to and reset the communication.

  • Anyone else who is having issues with live connect; has it been on specific operating systems? I've tested less than 10 so far, but ask the XP machines have issues and the rest don't.

  • For us on update 15, our agents would see the new liveconnect. We trained everyone on the new one. After update 17, the old Live Connect is back for everyone!!!! This is the one when you double click the agent icons. I have an open ticket.

  • Let me add our experiences after a few days on patch

    - KAM: always errors on any installation in the new module, profiles and component status incorrect;

    - New LiveConnect has a 50% chance of working correctly for us - if it goes wrong we have no update on volumes, events, services, etc , no search in machine groups possible, and we did have it close randomly in the middle of sessions, disconnect sessions every other minute, but the last two issues are rare;

    - KAV shows promise, fixing old issues and being very responsive and getting high marks on update actions to go to the latest build, 10,2,5,3201;

    - KAV amazes me with the lack of info to know about new KAV installations from the old module and vice versa, if you're in the new module, you can't see if the machine has an old KAV installation - that means endless switching back and forth if you want to manage this and that's really annoying;

    - KAV threat detections are not synced in the new module, it's a complete blank;

    For this we have tickets open and are talking to support. These are the bigger issues we now have, not bothering with the little niggles that will always be around. This is not very confidence inspiring at the moment. Waiting for developments to occur, yet again....

    By the way, we make use of the fact the new Live Connect is a separate application.  So we set the System, Default Setting to use the old Live Connect and launch the new Live Connect separately, so we can use the best of both worlds....

    Fixed some spelling and added some wording.
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  • Can we get an update about the patch to patch patch please? Things are real quiet at the moment...

  • Yes, please - A status update on when we can expect would be appreciated.