Hi All,

We have released patch last night:

http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/index.asp#37385.htm Patch Release - 11 August 2016

Virtual System Administrator™

  • Fixed an issue with uploading and processing MIB files that prevented the MIB tree from displaying properly on the Add SNMP Object page. (IP-1667/DISMON-493)
  • Fixed an issue with opening a file attachment in a ticket created using the Ticketing email reader if the filename contained spaces. (IP-1860/PROTECT-860)
  • Fixed an issue that deleted selected agent procedures after re-apply schema was run. (IP-1843/ SDP-1017)
  • A security vulnerability was removed. (IP-1659/APPF-1435)
  • A security vulnerability was removed. (IP-1642/APPF-953)

Antivirus (Classic) and Anti-Malware (Classic)

  • Fixed an issue that prevented populating the details panel with data when a machine on the Machines page for Antivirus or Anti-Malware was clicked. (IP-1593/PROTECT-622)

Antivirus (Classic)

  • Fixed an issue that caused the execution of a Antivirus > Repair Install to continually time out. (IP-1627/PROTECT-712)
  • Fixed the display of Antivirus performance statistics on the Executive Summary report. (IP-1828/PROTECT-570)

Network Monitor

  • Fixed an issue with the VSA installer including the 32-bit KNM executable instead of the 64-bit KNM executable. (IP-1614/RELEASE-213)
  • A security vulnerability was removed. (IP-1651/KNM-941)

Policy Management

  • Changing the view associated with a policy no longer causes issues with the redeployment of policies to the appropriate agents. (IP-1975/ATTHREE-237)