Hi All,

We have released Patch a couple of hours ago;

http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/index.asp#37277.htm Patch Release - 8 July 2016

Note: This release primarily supports integrating Kaseya® BMS™ with the VSA. For more information see RMM Integration - Kaseya v2 in the Kaseya® BMS™ User Guide.

Virtual System Administrator™

  • Added BMS Integration to the VSA > System module. (IP-1925/BMSI-178)
  • Added the BMS Integration folder and the following navigation items to the VSA > System module. System module documentation was updated to support these new pages. (IP-1924/BMSI-181)
    • Sync Configuration
    • Sync Transaction Log
    • BMS API Log
  • Added role and role type access functions to support the new BMS Integration pages added to the System module. (IP-1923/BMSI-180)
  • Alarms tagged with BMS ticket numbers are prevented from displaying a hyperlink to the VSA > Ticketing module. (IP-1922/BMSI-171)
  • When BMS integration is activated in a VSA tenant partition, email generated ticRequest events are ignored for that tenant partition. (IP-1909/BMSI-137)
  • AgentId fields were added to Asset and AssetSummary entities for GET /assetmgmt/assets and GET /assetmgmt/assets/{assetId} REST resources to support assets having an agent. (IP-1906/API-366)
  • Fixed an issue running Live Connect in a SaaS server configured with a "-cdn" (akamai) subdomain. (IP-1914/RC-1968)
  • Added support for TLS bindings for HTTPS access to the BMS server's API. Also corrected a 500 error in the VSA REST API's GET /bmsi/ticrequestmaps resource. (IP-1942/BMSi-192)