Kaseya Community Patch Release - 28 June 2016

  • Hi All,

    We released patch last night around 8PM EDT / 5PM PDT:

    http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/index.asp#37229.htm Patch Release - 28 June 2016

    Virtual System Administrator™

    • Fixed an issue with Update List by Scan not returning new Event Log names and/or new drive letters from machines that do not have alerting enabled. (IP-1474/DISMON-24)
    • Fixed several issues related to functions used for tenant dates and partitions in classic reports. (IP-1600/APPF-1261)
    • Fixed an Executive Summary report error for machine group/organisations using the '_' character. (IP-1483/PROTECT-531)
    • Updated the calculation of the OS Score to favor Windows 10 and fixed a cosmetic issue in the License Summary section. (IP-1552/PROTECT-512)
    • Fixed an issue with the Kaseya Event Service service crashing randomly. (IP-1665/APPF-414)
    • A security vulnerability was removed. (IP-1605/VAKF-867)

    Antivirus (Classic)

    • The following URL is no longer required and has been removed from the Update > Source tab in the Kaspersky UI: http://sec-update.kaseya.com/updates (IP-1654/PROTECT-697)


    • Fixed incrementing the failed logon count by 2 when using SSO. (IP-1546/IAMV-2099)

    Endpoint Security

    • Fixed an issue with exclusions in Endpoint Security profiles not being applied to scans. (IP-1534/ATTWO-1032)
    • Improved a check that was displaying the current version of AVG as a conflicting application (IP-1622/ATTWO-1374)
    • Added automatic removal of old AVG virus definitions from Kaseya file source agents, to prevent filling up the hard drive.  (IP-1655/ATTWO-1481)
    • Suppressed an initial scan dialog that was being displayed by AVG immediately after install. (IP-1656/ATTWO-1333)

    Policy Management

    • Fixed an issue with a policy assigned to a machine failing to override a conflicting policy assigned to the parent organization. The setting conflict that failed to be resolved properly was the email recipients value for a monitor set policy. (IP-1635/ATTHREE-266)
    • Fixed an issue that could result in multiple Policy view compliance schedules running. (IP-1755/ATTHREE-402)
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the View dropdown from being populated in Policy for some VSA installations. (IP-1623/ATTHREE-335)

    Service Desk

    • Fixed an issue with an inbound EML file being converted into a blank note in Service Desk ticket editor. (IP-1639/AF-1554)

  • When I run the kinstall It says I don't have an update?


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