Kaseya Community Patch Release - 8 June 2016

  • Hi All,

    We have just released patch

    http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/index.asp#34170.htm Patch Release - 8 June 2016

    Virtual System Administrator™

    • Fixed a page selection issue on the Agent Packages page. (IP-1781/SDP-1030)
    • Fixed the help link for switch definitions in the edit dialog for Agent > Manage Packages. (IP-1786/SDP-1036)
    • Updated the date/time format of the Last Active Time column on the Agent > Agent Logs > Kaseya Remote Control Log tab. (IP-1788/SDP-1003)
    • Updated the default view of the Agent > Agent Logs > Event Logs tab to list event entries by date in descending order. (IP-1789/SDP-957)
    • Two new columns were added to the Manage Agent page, identifying the Username and Domain used for the agent credential. (IP-1804/SDP-1045)
    • This fix addresses an issue that didn't allow users to use Kaseya Live Connect with a VSA that was configured with self-signed or insecure certificates, over HTTPS. Kaseya Live Connect now warns users if the connection cannot be verified to be secure, but allows the users to proceed forward. (IP-1807/RC-1810)
    • Added a page selector to the Live Connect > Asset Summary > Agent Procedure selection screen used to add agent procedures. (IP-1814/RC-1864)
    • In some circumstance if there was a network outage that caused a Live Connect connection to fail, it would not fallback to relay connectivity. This has been fixed. (IP-1820/RC-1766)
    • Fixed an issue with selecting both rows in a grid using Select All, when filtering only displays two records. (IP-1798/AF-1587)
    • Edge Services can terminate if it encounters a SQL deadlock. This fix ensures the SQL statement will be retried. (IP-1824/END-1609)

    Anti-Malware and Antivirus

    • For both Antivirus and Anti-Malware, the following De-duplication settings were removed from the Summary tab of Alert Profiles. (IP-1765/ATTWO-1529)
      • Every X minutes 
      • Every X hours


    • Fixed an issue that prevented the reboot icon in the Anti-Malware UI from being cleared until a user logged into the agent machine. (IP-1716/ATTWO-1553)
    • Fixed an error running a report using the 'AM Monthly Counts' report part. (IP-1715/ATTWO-1535)
    • Updated the 'AM Threat Statistics' and 'AM Threats' report parts to show the correct data. (IP-1717/ATTWO-1536)
    • Fixed an issue with Anti-Malware agents migrated from Anti-Malware (Classic) still using the old log file path. (IP-1718/ATTWO-1565)
    • Fixed an issue with new installs creating multiple profiles with the same name. (IP-1744/ATTWO-1523)
    • Anti-Malware now displays a reboot flag after an install failure, when this is all that is needed to successfully install. (IP-1775/ATTWO-1587)
    • Fixed an issue with displaying two different legacy "Anti-Malware Installation Statistics" reports, one for Anti-Malware and the other for Anti-Malware (Classic). (IP-1776/ATTWO-1620)
    • Fixed an issue which showed a scheduled recurrence in hours even if days was selected. (IP-1806/PROTECT-139)


    • Fixed an issue with three name value parts in reports. (IP-1702/ATTWO-1541)
      • AM Installation Count 
      • AM Installation Count (Servers) 
      • AM Installation Count (Workstations)
    • Firewall Status has been removed from the Antivirus Summary report. (IP-1706/ATTWO-1534)
    • Sort and filter options were removed from the 'AV Components' column displayed on the Antivirus > Machines page. (IP-1734/ATTWO-1528)
    • The name value part called 'Machines With Unhandled Exceptions' no longer counts a detection with the Status of 'deleted' as an unhandled exception. (IP-1735/ATTWO-1540)
    • The Antivirus > Dashboard page now displays counts that respect the machine ID/group ID filter you've selected. (IP-1753/ATTWO-1526)
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Antivirus from being uninstalled successfully. (IP-1767/ATTWO-1603)
    • Removed the display of the percentage scan completed, to prevent a false scan error from being displayed. (IP-1780/ATTWO-1599)
    • When installing Antivirus clients, the 'Blocking Install Issues' list now respects the agent filtering you've selected. (IP-1785/ATTWO-1629)
    • Fixed an issue with Anti-Malware (Classic) pending actions not being displayed in the Pending Actions column. (IP-1796/PROTECT-333)

    Network Monitor

    • The dashboard NOC widget no longer includes assets in maintenance. (IP-1810/KNM-893)
    • Gateways now attempt to reconnect if no response to the authpacket is received. (IP-1811/KNM-954)

    Policy Management

    • Fixed an issue that prevented the View dropdown from being populated in Policy Management for some VSA installations. (IP-1822/ATTHREE-335)
    • Fixed an issue that could result in multiple Policy Management view compliance schedules running. (IP-1756/ATTHREE-402)

  • That's great but I am still on 9.2 cloud. When will I get updated to 9.3?

  • Hi  

    You can check the status of the cloud server you are on and when it will be upgraded by using the Resources > Cloud Operation Status page;

    The first batch of cloud servers will be upgraded on June 18th, depending on the server you sit on will dictate when your upgrade will happen:


  • Not sure how this affects cloud, but I received an email this morning that our on-prem upgrade had been delayed a week so that a new patch could be released this week. 9.2 is stable, and the 9.3 release seems to be rolling out to groups of us slowly to ensure widespread issues don't take out all of our daily operations. As much as I love new features and fixes, I'm glad to see Kaseya slowed the process to address the existing issues before letting it roll out to production for everyone.