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We have just released patch

http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/index.asp#34160.htm Patch Release - 1 June 2016

Virtual System Administrator™

  • Fixed an endpoint provisioning issue that could occur when agents were downloaded and installed concurrently. (IP-1799/END-1623)
  • Fixed an issue with VSA certificate user permissions during installation. (IP-1787/END-1626)
  • The Windows agent upgrade could fail if the agent service did not stop in a timely fashion, leaving the agent disconnected from the VSA until manually restarted. This has been fixed. (IP-1764/VAKF-935)
  • Fixed an error with new Live Connect that occurred if the agent was offline, but the VSA still thought the agent was online. (IP-1774/RC-1822)
  • The volumes dashlet in new Live Connect now only displays a drive in red if the drive is nearly full. (IP-1782/RC-1831)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented new Live Connect from working when port 80 was blocked for incoming requests. (IP-1727/RC-1759)
  • Fixed an issue with new Live Connect displaying 404 errors on some machines. (IP-1771/END-1615)


  • Fixed a duplicate ID issue in two tables that caused client events to stop being processed. (IP-1688/PROTECT-753)
  • Fixed an issue with KAV Service queries causing Kserver outages. (IP-1689/PROTECT-772)

Network Monitor

  • Fixed an issue with the VSA installer including the 32-bit KNM executable instead of the 64-bit KNM executable. (IP-1802/IP-1614)