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9.3 Patches Release Summary: -

  • Hi  

    My understanding is that the patch was released early to our cloud/hosted servers due to some BMS requirements.

    It should release this week for on-premise installations (Tentatively today or tomorrow). will be releasing after is released.

    Hope this clears things up.

  • Hey guys,

    .11 went out to the SaaS servers last weekend to allow some of our BMS customers to get early access to the new advanced bi-directional sync. .11 will hit the servers for on-premise tonight.

    We expect to ship .12 tomorrow night. It's in final QA validation now. It includes several fixes for KAV/KAM and some agent changes for the Mac.

    We show a scheduled release of .13 the following Thursday which has a bunch of LiveConnect & KServer fixes and enhancements, as well as the start of some introductory changes in some refactoring to ReApply Schema, where on some of our large SaaS test servers we have reduced the reapply by over 40 minutes!!!

    Lot's going on. Sit tight... the bits will hit the download servers as fast as we can.

  • Dana, Thank you so much for the update. Please keep the updates coming....

  • .12 has just come out. Nice to see things continuing to get fixed. Looking forward to .13!!

  • I note that is also out, with some nice fixes. community.kaseya.com/.../22262.aspx

  • To everyone subscribed to this thread, we are expecting .14 to ship near the end of this week.

  • Nicolas and Dana,

    This has been the best several weeks in a very long time!!!

    Patches rolling out on a regular schedule as indicated.

    Best of all, very little or no backsliding!!! This has been just great and we hope this will continue as there is so much more we are still waiting on.

    But for now GREAT JOB and keep it up!!!!

  • Hi Marc,

    lucky for you....

    but a disaster for us, today 16/08/2016, almost 1 month after our migration towards version 9, STILL busy in GETTING UP AND Running KNMi correctly


  • The Intellipool acquisition (KNM) predates the acquisition/Kaseya Management 2.0 (or 3.0), and seemed (at the time) to be another "me too" product added to the Kaseya portfolio without much thought as to how to integrate it.  KNMi was a bodge by most accounts, and the standalone KNM to KNMi migration wasn't a migration at all (KSupport urged everyone to re-create all of their devices & monitors, which caused much balking: http://community.kaseya.com/xsp/f/114/t/20038.aspx).  

    Much of the emphasis currently seems to be on Traverse, and several roadmap calls have mentioned utilizing Traverse's technologies to optimize VSA's discovery--no mention of KNM at all.  Even the Roadmap is sparse on enhancements for KNMi.

    For those of us who don't use KNMi, we're still forced to install it and manually disable it on account of it now being a "core module," which is unfortunate. Sad

    Regarding the future of KNM/KNMI, it seems to me that the writing's on the wall... Hmm

  • All,

    Please keep this thread on topic, this thread is specifically for 9.3 patch releases.

     if you are still having issues within your environment, please update or follow up the support tickets that are awaiting your response.

    In terms of KNM/INM, it is an extremely great, powerful, and lightweight product from both a standalone and integrated perspective. I encourage others to use it quite often and have seen many customers leveraging both in many different environments.

    There have been talks of VSA discovery incorporating Traverse's discovery engine (removal of NMAP).

    However, there are no current plans to integrate Traverse and replace KNM. The original INM/KNM Developers are still working on KNMi and again there are no immediate plans of removal.

    Should anyone have further concerns about this -- please PM me or create a new thread.

  • Nicolas Ponce
    Please keep this thread on topic, this thread is specifically for 9.3 patch releases.

    Sorry about that... you're absolutely right.  The threadjack was unintentional--I saw the comment on KNM/KNMi in my mailbox and went to town with my reply.  Though our opinions of KNM clearly differ, I agree completely that we should get this thread back on track.

     - I noticed that you posted issues about your KNMi experience in three threads nearly simultaneously.  I have to side with Kaseya Support on this one--if they're not approaching resolution in an expeditious enough fashion, you'll get much more traction going through your Account Manager.  If you're unsure of who your account manager is, e-mail success.team@kaseya.com for assistance.  If you (or your team) are not responding back to your tickets, that's on y'all.

  • Hi,

    thks for the suggestion ( accountmanger ) however this did not speed up any ticket resolution at all.....

    already in version 8 we reported a problem where we had to modify 1 one the kaseya asp pages to have subwindow displayed hen hoovering over an agent icon.

    version 9 same problem, so before blaming.....indeed ticket resolution is taking far too much time...

    it's odd that at each version migration we have to tackle the same problems again.