Kaseya Community Patch Release - 12 May 2016

  • Hi All,

    We just released Patch


    consolidating patch release notes
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  • It doesn't look as though this addresses any of the known issues from this thread: http://community.kaseya.com/xsp/f/114/t/22044.aspx

    ETA on

  • Hi is currently being tested and I would expect it to be released early next week.

    If you are looking for specific information on an issue being fixed in the next 9.3 patch, I can check the status if the problem ticket, support ticket, or the main symptom is provided.

    Additionally, support has created the following KB articles to address some of the more common KLC issues:

    Error Code 403:
    Problem Ticket:
    Error Code 404:


    Problem Ticket:
    KLC App Is Blank:
    Should be fixed in an R9.3 patch soon. The workaround is to use the "Classic" KLC.
    Problem Ticket:
    For everyone who is viewing this thread, if you want to get the latest updates on the above issues and when the fixes will become available - I recommend creating a support ticket and referencing the problem ticket.

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  • Nicolas,

    Please make this post Sticky. Please continue to update as soon as development and engineering update you with patches that are coming!

    Communication is the way to a happier community...

    Thank you for this update and please try to continue this process.

  • I also would like to be kept up to date on the engineering/testing effort on  I have a maintenance window on May 21st and need to know if I can proceed.  The biggest issue is balancing between a totally broken KAV installation on 9.2 and broken functionality on 9.3.  

    Some might see this as being between a rock and a hard place.



  • "The biggest issue is balancing between a totally broken KAV installation on 9.2 and broken functionality on 9.3."

    Though I hope that it is finally true; I have not heard anyone say that all the KAV issues are fixed in 9.3   Has anyone converted to 9.3 with a large KAV install base able to conclude that the KAV "challenges" are really fixed?

  • Thank you  for the feedback. I have added this as a sticky now.

    As we continue to get great feedback, we will continue to incorporate it when applicable.

     - barring any unforeseen circumstances should release later today/tonight/tomorrow (Depending on your location).

    Below are the pre-published release notes:


  • FYI,

    Patch was released about 2 hours ago.