Kaseya Community Patch Release - 4 May 2016

  • Hi All,

    We have released patch today:


  • Installed this patch last night and it made a big difference for us. We were having performance issues with the KAV service eating up all the memory on our VSA.  Our number of KAV installs, around 4,500, is the reason for this issue and is probably not all that common. And the Private kes.service queue was pegged at around 10,000 causing everything to be slow and unresponsive.

    After the update and some extra cleaning our VSA is fast and responsive. Actions that were impossible yesterday are now running without problems. So, wanted to report this patch is worth installing.

    Today we'll be testing to see if any other processes are affected, but our first few hours have been carefree. To be clear, we had running for weeks without issues, but it seems some buildup in conflicting KAV records probably caused our issue and that has been dealt with in Will post an update later in the week.

  • Thanks for your update!! I too installed .16, .17 and .18 and had smaller issues with KAV but nothing like your reports.

    I just installed .19 and I am hoping that will clear the last few issues we have with KAV and agents.

  • I'm not sure will make a big difference from - the issue for KAV in the Release Notes doesn't ring a bell with us. The other issues only address the digital signatures, which is nice, but doesn't really solve a problem of things not working.

    The KAV issues we faced were mainly caused by scale issues. The queue mechanism Kaseya is using in 9.2 just doesn't scale well. The issues we had are now mostly gone since Kaseya put extra safeguards in place to prevent the kes.service queue from ballooning. And 9.3 is engineered from the ground up to address this, but has some other teething problems.

    All in all progress is made and order is and will be restored!