Kaseya Community Patch Release - 15 March 2016

  • Hi All,

    We have just released patch


  • What happened to the 50-70 fixes that were supposed to be in this release?

  • when will the problem with the agentDash.asp being solved.


    I am not aware of any single patch going out with 50-70 fixes.

    I know you have been waiting on a 2-3 three specific KAV fixes and have been in communication with the support management team, who have been updating you on a regular basis.

    Should you feel you are not being informed about the current status of these issues - please let me know via PM.

    We will NOT release any patches that have not been approved by the internal teams. While we may have 50-70 patches ready to release at a certain point, it does not mean they will all be approved and included in the next patch release.


    We have only received one report of this issue at this time, which is your ticket.

    However, it appears that ticket is now closed as you have stopped updating the ticket.

    If you still have the issue, please respond back to the support technician in your ticket.

  • Welp. We use getURL and policy management, so I guess I'm applying this one ASAP.

  • Just for clarification... support has repeatedly said to multiple different people that there is a large patch coming that includes over 70 fixes to the VSA. Originally, it was supposed to be in and I was told this on Feb 10. From what I understand, a lot of the things fixed by the 're-write' in 9.3 are being back-ported to the 9.2 code. I think I can speak for marcb when saying that receiving patches that actually fix the 2-3 issues would be great, but we've been told they are being pushed back into this 'big' update that never seems to come.

  • Hi  - thank you for the clarification.

    I have asked Executive Support Management to reach out directly to both you and  to clarify the status of this.

  • I can only add that patches for various issues are promised by Kaseya staff to be in certain releases. When that release comes it always means things are left out, so I do understand comments about this.

    I certainly understand that any fix needs to be tested and approved, that's only common sense. Still, a lot of people are waiting for stuff to get fixed and that tends to be weeks and months later than expected and promised. That's a very honest and factual statement as far as I'm concerned......

  • Is Hide maintenance warning (all users) supposed to look like that? Selecting 1 Hour makes the result look like this: Hide until: <b><nobr>14:32:39 17-Mar-16 </nobr></b>


    I tried this setting on our demo vsa and now login gives this error:

    Server Error in '/vsaPres' Application.

    Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string.  Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

    Exception Details: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string.

    Source Error:
    An unhandled exception was generated during the execution of the current web request. Information regarding the origin and location of the exception can be identified using the exception stack trace below.

    Not sure if playing with that setting caused this or something else.


    KB article for that error:


    kb article
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  • Thanks Nicolas. I spoke with Michael Duncan this morning. I'm not upset, I was just trying to provide perspective. I really appreciate the followup though. It's nice to see all the gears in line.

  • I had a similar issue when I was struggling to get a quote from my sales rep (who had apparently left the company) and my maintenance lapsed.  Suppressing the maintenance message will lock you out of the VSA!

    You will need to modify a line in the database to clear the "suppress message" flag.