Kaseya Community Patch Release - 15 April 2020

  • Hey Team,

    We have recently released a roll-up release for VSA.  You can review the release notes here. Patch Release - 15 April 2020

    The VSA release includes the enhancements and fixes described in the topics below. For minimum system and agent requirements, see these topics in the Kaseya R95 System Requirements GuideKaseya Server Minimum Requirements & Configuration and Agent Minimum Requirements


    Remote Control Application

    • Disabled the 3-hour maximum session time that was introduced as a security enhancement in

    Bug Fixes


    • Fixed an issue where the 32-bit macOS agent stopped working after uninstalling the 64-bit macOS agent from the same macOS High Sierra/Mojave device.

    Agent Module 

    • Fixed an issue with agent packages that were unable to be installed on a drive other than C: after update.


    • Fixed an issue with backups that showed failure despite the backup operation being successful.

  • Hi Oscar,

    When will this become available for on-prem customers?



  • We installed it last night On-Prem, just run the kinstaller

  • Installed this Saturday for our on-prem (~2500) and it went smoothly.  Things seem to be working with a few little gotchas that are already known in the .26 thread.  But on the whole everything is working well, new editor is great!  Having at least preliminary Catalina support is also very much appreciated.  No session timeout issues, which is why we held off for the .27 release.

  • no more flash :)

  • Anyone having issues with VSA agent assets not importing into BMS since upgrade?

  • Anyone still having issue for macOS Catalina not showing Application list on Audit modules?

    ETA for full capability of macOS Catalina support?

  • Patch Release did not resolve 64-bit issues for our clients.  We are unable to install Kaseya on Catalina and were informed there was a fix with  Is there an ETA on this update/fix?

  • Not gona happen, unfortunely.

  • is released for on prem. I'm just waiting. Here are release notes.



    Multiple instances of the 64bit VSA Agent are allowed to run on macOS.


    Updated KInstall to display a count of issues that were corrected when running all Fix-its.

    Software Management  

    Pagination added to Machine > Vulnerabilities page.  To view new function, please click here.

    VSA Core

    Added Auditing of Connection Gateway for macOS when using the 64bit VSA Agent.

    Bug Fixes

    Agent Module

    Fixed an issue in Agent Package options with inability to save scripts or switches containing spaces after upgrade to version.


    Fixed an issue when opening multiple remote control sessions at a time, the session length kept going for the first opened session even after its closure.

    Fixed an issue with monthly ranged schedules that did not run on December.

    Fixed an issue while using Live Connect that prevented access to any subsequent registry keys after browsing the parent key of Windows "protected" registry keys found under HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control.


    Fixed an issue with inaccurate displaying of Backup Job duration in Backup Log page.


    Fixed an issue when assets were not associated to correct network.

    Patch Management

    Fixed an issue with "Copy packages to the working directory on local drive with most free space" functionality that caused patch test/deployments to fail.

    Policy Management

    Fixed an issue with incorrect timezone offset in Policy Reboot Action.

    Procedure Editors

    Fixed an issue preventing editing of Agent Procedures when using internet-restricted VSA Servers.

    Service Desk

    Fixed an issue when retrieving Service Desk ticket notes via API to ensure that only notes related to the referenced ticket are returned.

    Software Management

    Fixed an issue with Patch Scan failure if .pls files are missing from lumension folder.

    Fixed an issue with downloading installers, which may cause consequences during the deployment process.

    Fixed an issue with deploy patches function would fail when filter was set via the Vulnerabilities tab.

    Fixed an issue where the status filter under Machines > Vulnerabilities did not function after selecting a filter and deploying patches.

    Fixed an issue when Dashboard and Reports did not exclude overridden vulnerabilities.

    Patch deployment (within Application Logging) improved to display patches deployed per endpoint

    System Module

    Fixed an issue in Logon Policy where inactive user sessions got logged out before timeout expiration.

    VSA Core

    Resolved environmental issue with VSA services not starting with non-standard installation path.

    Fixed an issue preventing the installation of the 64bit macOS agent in certain conditions.

  • -- BROKEN ITEMS --


    The installers do not handle having more current versions of Java and .NET frameworks being installed already on the server.  You must uninstall any Java & .NET frameworks, run the installer, and then bring your installed Java & .NET framework back to the revision level you had.

    Agent Module

    Still unable to edit or use any of the previously created packages that used the universal installer. While strings with spaces are now working in the revised panel (which prevents the use of copy & paste of a configuration string) these values are still broken in the actual installer so any command or setting that contains a space is terminated at the space.  Extremely bad if you use the /o /z /t or /p options.

    VSA Core

    The getfile() & writefile() functions still fail if using variables and quotes ex:["#path##file#"]

    ExecuteCommand & ExecutePowerShell will leave #global:cmdresult# and #global:psresult# uninitialized if the execution of the shell is blocked by AV products or fails for some other reason.  This means that any code that tested the results of those commands now need to be wrapped in if (#global:cmdresult#) exists structures.

    Unknown if alarmSuspend() will still fail (and halt the script) on a single call and require the workaround to call it 2x.

    Bottom line:  if You're dependent on .28 to fix the issues with the install packages you may want to wait.  If not, you do want to wait for sure.