Kaseya Community Patch Release – 25 March 2020

  • Just a status update if anyone is curious, ticket was bumped up to an engineer so no solution yet.

  • change group also didn't work for me but with rename I succeeded, had also change the computername while changing the group.

    after changing the group I changed back the computer name.

    if you have to do a few it's a work around. for many not.

    not the first time I see this bug :(

  • Dsauceics,  do you have Kaseya installed on drive other then C:?     If so, check to see if you have folder on C called Kaseya?   We did on one server, and renamed it, and started working.

    If that doesn’t work, open ticket.   Support has power shell command and SQL command that should help.

  • I've got the same problem after this update. Have you resolved it?

  • Has anyone had any problems with existing Server 2008 endpoints since updating to .26?

  • My vsa is on

    Is KLC and kaseya agent supported for mac os big sur?

  • Yes, , there is a new 64 bit Mac Agent in 9.5.2.  It brings the functionality of the Mac Agent pretty close to parity with our previous 32 bit version.  

    This Agent is also "signed" so once it is installed, we wont be required to prompt the user for permission to upgrade going forward.

  • Thanks for your response Kirk.

    so if I go will that be fine.

    Tnx again