Kaseya Community Patch Release - 26 January 2017

  • Hi All,

    We have just released patch

    http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/index.asp#38096.htm Patch Release - 26 January 2017

    Critical Issues For Customers To Patch Immediately

    Virtual System Administrator™

    • Added a missing machine group and organization filter dialog for previewing a configured Agent > Machine Group Deploy URL report part. (PT-420/SDP-2039)
    • Fixed an issue running an agent procedure using the createLocalUser() command on Yosemite / El Capitan Mac OS X machines. (PT-243/VAKF-796)
    • Fixed an issue that caused file downloads from Live Connect to fail if the VSA was reinstalled. (PT-406/END-2050)
    • User Portal menu items now reflect all machine role settings. (PT-391/ATTHREE-496)
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent the plugin host from fully initializing, causing message queues to stack up. (PT-373/APPF-2138)
    • Fixed a log buffer issue that could cause the KServer to terminate. (PT-367/VAKF-1227)


    • Fixed a Pending Actions error that prevented an Anti-Malware profile from being applied to a machine. The error states "Could not convert string to DateTime: NaN-NaN-NaNTNaN:NaN:NaNZ. Path 'LastFlashScan', line 20, position 48" (PT-395/ATTWO-2180)


    • A new 'Use LAN Updater' checkbox in the Antivirus module enables peer-to-peer file downloading of Kaspersky definition files using LAN Cache. The checkbox is located on the Configuration > Settings > Application Settings tab. Before enabling this feature you must: 
      • Designate an Antivirus-installed machine as a LAN Cache machine using the Agent > LAN Cache page. 
      • Assign that LAN Cache to other Antivirus-installed machines on the same network, using the Agent > Assign LAN Cache page. 

      Once 'Use LAN Updater' is checked, click the 'Refresh Lan Updater' button to enable this same feature immediately on newly added or reconfigured machines. As a precaution, the 'Refresh Lan Updater' function runs once a day. (PT-377/ATTWO-1601)

    • Fixed an issue that could cause Antivirus to show 'Update Profile' and 'Get Status' as stuck pending actions. (PT-392/ATTWO-2177)

    Antivirus (Classic)

    • Fixed an issue in Antivirus (Classic) that caused the Kaspersky client to prompt the end user to update the client to version (SP1 MR3). (PT-273/PROTECT-908)


    • Added support for SHA-256 when using Single Sign-On to log into the VSA. (PT-393/IAMV-4982)

    Cloud Backup

    • Fixed the method used to update Last Backup Time. (PT-372/KCB-411)
    • If the VSA > Backup client is installed on an agent machine, a red exclamation point icon displays in Cloud Backup for that machine. Hovering the cursor over the machine displays the text: 'The old Acronis backup needs to be uninstalled before Cloud Backup can be installed.' (PT-347/KCB-399)
    • Added support for using Acronis Cloud Backup credentials that connect with the Acronis data center in Switzerland. (PT-387/KCB-413)
    • A security vulnerability was removed. (PT-381/KCB-412)

    Data Backup

    • Fixed an error message that displayed in Data Backup when scheduling backups to run on 100+ machines: There was a problem : transaction aborted. (PT-352/BACKUP-247)

    Endpoint Security

    • Applies to SaaS only. Fixed an issue displaying the Endpoint Security > View Threats page and View Logs page correctly. (PT-371/ATTWO-2159)
    • Fixed a mapping issue between profile settings and AVG client settings, for Email and Link Scanner components. (PT-220/ATTWO-1845)

    Network Monitor

    • The global-for-all-tenants KNM log message An existing asset "..." with IP "..." and address "..." have been updated at device ID .... has been removed. (PT-398/KNM-1078)

    Patch Management

    • Windows 10 machines now show correct counts for installed patches in Patch Management. For more information see the Kaseya KB article Viewing Windows 10 Patch Updates. (PT-376/SDP-427)
    • Fixed an issue that prevented patch alerts from being triggered. (PT-366/SDP-1804)

    Non-Critical Issues For Customers To Patch When Convenient

    Virtual System Administrator™

    • The agent version was updated to for Windows and Mac agents.


    • Added back the 'Show Icon In System Tray' option in Antivirus. When changing this option, a reboot is required to take effect. (PT-404/ATTWO-1976)

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  • A lot of good fixes on this one.

  • @oromero, there are good fixes but AVG still doesn't work after the patch update...

  • I understand that Avg fixes are scheduled for the next patch.

  • When I joined my current company they were a hybrid AVG/Kaspersky shop.  I am not familiar with your situation however, there are other options with potential which integrate well with Kaseya.  The new Kaspersky module is suitable to levels as well.

  • Ran into really high CPU usage for the KaseyaEdgeServices.exe tonight post .27 install.  It has been 20 minutes and it has been pegging the 6proc/40gig server ver since the restart.  Anybody else run into something similar?

  • Well Tim, our VSA server is a bit more creative and has two options to run out of resources.

    I've seen the KaseyaEdgeServices.exe eating up every ounce of memory it could, slowing the VSA to a crawl, doing a restart of the corresponding service should fix this. The last time it was the end of the day and I resorted to rebooting the server. Last time I saw this was around 6, 7 weeks ago.

    We see the Kaseya.SecurityCenter.AV.Service.exe process doing the same but then much more efficiently ;-) The service for all things AntiVirus has a strike rate of once every week, maybe 2 weeks in a good month. We've had support contribute this to the old Kaspersky Classic installations. Since we're very close to having migrated some 4500 clients to the new AntiVirus module, this issue should go away soon.

    For both issues we've not been able to pinpoint why they happen, unfortunately. We do run a lighter setup, 4 proc / 14 gig - usually running at 5 - 10% CPU and 10 gig memory.