Kaseya Community Patch Release - 12 January 2016

  • Hi All,

    Patch was released today:


    I know many have been waiting for this patch, thank you all for your patience.

  • If I'm reading that correctly, this brings KAV install support to windows 10 machines, correct?

  • When would this be available for SAAS?


    That is correct. Smile


    SaaS upgrades are controlled by Operations team and usually performed on the weekend during early morning EST Time.

    I would monitor the below site for any changes or upcoming announcements.


    I will try to confirm if it will be applied this weekend.

  • I have submitted a ticket as the corresponding patch for 9.1 ( appears to be bugged - does not update version # and still appears as an available upgrade after running the upgrade.  Looking forward to having this functionality available.

  • This is indeed an oversight as part of the patch however the new functionality/feature included should be present on your server.

  • The upgrade unfortunately seems to have broken KAV installs on our server for all endpoints. The installer has gone missing - oops!

  • So what functionality/features where added with the patch?  I can't find the release notes for this patch or any reference to it other than here and on my server.  The notes for R9.2 is out there but nothing for R9.1.

  • Although I just had my server re-check for the latest available patch and now it now longer shows as available.  I'm guessing it either wasn't supposed to be released yet or they've discovered issues and have pulled it.

  • The patch has been pulled, as confirmed on my ticket.  Edited to add: there was at least enough change in the patch download to allow my server to have users attempt to install KAV on windows 10, which was previously blocked.

    Functionality changes.
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  • All,

    We are currently looking into the chain of events regarding the patch.  At this point, indications are the patch numbering was inadvertently updated, but no actual patch files were released.  We are still investigating the root cause and whether there was an actual push of update files.

    If you believe you may have attempted an update to the patch and are experiencing any adverse issues, please open a ticket with Support at helpdesk.kaseya.com.  It is critical any issues affecting your service are reported to Support so they can be investigated and addressed.

    We will post any additional relevant information as it becomes available.

  • So, the last patch for 9.2 is over 3 weeks ago and normally that would mean a new patch would already be released or would be expected soon. It seems the release schedule is now difficult to follow.

    When can we expect to get updates to fix current KAV, KNM, monitoring and other issues, which are important to us?

  • I think they usually stop before a major release.  I could be wrong but I feel like that has been a pattern.