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Traverse WMI

  • I have setup a few servers with the WMI setting. They are pulling data just fine. I followed the following link to make sure wmi is enabled and setup correctly.


    I have followed all the setups and even downloaded a WMI browser and connect to the server. However, Traverse is only pulling ping settings and nothing more. Is there anything additional i can do to force a test on a device?

    Additional Information:

    Windows Server 2003

    WMI is enabled and i can get to it with a WMI browser

    Traverse is only pulling ICMP information

    Additional Information
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  • If Traverse is not able to identify any WMI based metrics when you perform discovery via Administration -> Devices -> Tests -> Create New Standard Tests, it may be an issue with communication. In order to narrow down the issue:

    - Temporarily turn off Windows firewall on one of the servers

    - Allow all traffic from Traverse DGE(x) to server via network firewall (if any)

    - Use login credentials that has administrator rights on the server

    Once tests are discovered with these changes, you can restore settings one by one to eliminate them.

    Regards - Rajib